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Boogiemonsters - Photographic Memory
(from the album God Sound)

Data - data - data

[ VERSE 1: Vex ]
My eyes snap flicks at a speed beyond a blink
Trapped thought, in these last days MC's are extinct
On the brink of a force never felt on the planet
GPS couldn't track it, and your lasers can't scan it
Yo, they ran it through test and left under assume
That if they kept me in gloom, I would meet sudden doom
But assumption leads men astray - watch me bloom
With consumption of your matter like photo memorex

Use your pupils as you move through the realm
Eyes the vision, memory is the film
Mondo and Vex bustin shots at the enemy
Click - it's the photographic memory (2x)

[ VERSE 2: Mondo ]
Foolish television sendin subliminal messages to my retina
I'm bettin ya that this gon' be the new medium of mind control
Peoples, we gon' check it, as the plot unfolds
Now TV is not a bad thing, but when my TV is misused by the wicked
Might it suffice to be labelled as a wicked device?
Escpecially since we the people that's like "they can eat pigs and rice"
Now what would happen if the wicked had my beats?
Then with they mind control, creepin at your peeps
That's dwellin on the streets would be sayin
What they didn't know was mind control - until they stop to listen
The same on reverse might seem idiotic
But don't front, fly beats and TV's are hypnotic
The proof is in my puddin, and my puddin ain't rotten
Just check yourselves - I got yo heads bobbin...


[ VERSE 3: Vex ]
My lens captures frames of faces with no names
Plus the people I know, around the globe I came
>From Alaska to the East Coast, and then overseas
As the brain take the walls dividin Germanies
I'm learnin these techniques, a music masterpiece
Scheitan wanna plaster me, but can't desaster me
He's dastardly, but I'm fast, and he lacks the speed of light
Trapped on Earth to rule the darkness in the night
As I moveth in this tragic world of witchcraft and magic
My memory bust shots as if it's photographic
Use your pupils as you move through the realm
Word, eyes the vision, memory is the film


Click (click)
Click, click, click
Click, click-click
Click, click, click

The eye
Captures images
In speeds up to
99 frames per second
The iris
...light in fractions
To neuro-transmitters
In a...
Transfer thoughts
To the long-term memory