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Boogiemonsters - The Lunchroom Table
(from the album God Sound)

( *lunchroom scene* )
Aiyo, save me, save me a seat, yo
Yo, ain't no skippin in line
Ain't no skippin in line!
You can't skip in the line
Get off me, man!
Mr. Hightower, Mr. Hightower...
Yo, where my man M-o at?
Yo yo!
Yo, what's up, yo?
Come over this way, yo
Hit that beat for me one time, you know how we do

( *Mondo starts banging on the table* )

[ Vex ]
Uh, Black Hole Sun, Vortex
Six million ways to die, I choose none
Vortex got demons on the run
Vortex out to slay Satan before the day is done
Vortex, I'm like brave Grandmasters of kung-fu flicks
Movin words of perfection in every direction
Convection heats up the microphone I freeze
When I bust Jehova bring breeze to a gust
Thrust my rhyme through the woofers and the tweeters of your speakers
Sound is below zero
The mic's two tons in my hand on the ground
I lift it to my brain, no strain, let it snow brimstone when I rain
I'm vertical, move it in nautical miles of styles
Volatile vocal ( ? ) bionics moving physical bodies with third eye
Grandmaster of intellectual power, how much can a black hole devour
All that's in the world with my gravity
7 point in my brain, poke this through your chest cavity
Rhymes get complicated when they activated
The devil hestitated, in battle got designated, now I made it
To the top of Mount Zion, holy Mount Zion
( ? ) they banter, soldiers of ( ? )
I be generatin on my energy like gamma
Just wanna kick a rhyme like my grandma
Let that lyric through your dome
Travelling through your veins and your brain
I'm Jah cyclone
So as I conject a microphone dissector
Bring it back, wheel it up, selector
Ha-ha, ha-ha
This piece of hip-hop culture goes out
To all our peoples across the map
The foundation:
Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island
Uptown, word
To East Philly, Baltimore, D.C., Richmond, Norfolk, Hampton, Atlanta
The Carolinas, Miami, word up
Yo, this goes out to the West coast
San Fran, the Bay Area
L.A., Oakland, ya knaw I mean
We all the way out there, word
To my peoples overseas
London, Amsterdam, [Name] and Fort Hamilton
[Name], Nürnberg, [Name], Fort [Name]
[ Mondo ]
My hand is hurting
My hand is hurting
[ Vex ]
Youknowmsayin? bases
Paris, Tokyo, [Name], Puerto Rico
Okinawa, Korea, Spain and the Central
Chicago, Columbus, Milwaukee, Dallas
And the Islands
Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Bermuda, St. [Name]
All them heads at them black universities
BSU, [Name], MSU, [Names], HU, NSU, Howard, DSU
Chillin up in [Name]
You know what this all about
Word up
Boogiemonsters worldwide

( *schoolbell rings* )

[ teacher ]
You little rugrats get out of here this instant
Lunch is over!