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Boogiemonsters - Muzic Appreciation (Sweet Music)
(from the album Riders of the Storm: The Underwater Album)

"Get down" - Public Enemy
I hear her so I gotta "Get down"
You know I need her so I gotta "Get down"
I need her so I gotta "Get down"
You know I want her so I gotta "Get down"
You know I love her so I gotta "Get down"

I'm obsessed with her, I'm at best with her
Thickness surrounds me I'm blessed by her
See I'm fallin' so deep deep for she be infatuation
By the many many styles of she
I wish I could undress her I wish I could caress her
Like she does my soul but I am so much lesser
She's always there for me when I need her like my moms
Relaxin' all my drama I come into her arms
It's unique that very few people understand
How whe came into my life and made me into man
Many thresholds of negative stress stand in my way
But when I'm weary she comes down form heaven slay
If you was in the physical you would be the best
With lips and eyes and hips and thighs and breasts
I'd put you in uh to much to take at a time
I'd push you from my mind I put you in a rhyme
So everyone could get a little taste of your sweetness
Too much passion for self delf mission is in completeness
I treat this as my first and last only love
My chocolate compation decendant from above
In and out I glide and slide losing the rhythm
God sent you here for me so this can't be forbidden
But you are be on me and I think I gotta get over she
Because what do you do when your baby doll is sound
You can freak the tracks but you can't settle down
The world brings me pain
But she'll take that pain and use it
She's underwater I guess women just can't love me like

Muzik sweet muzik