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Run DMC - Down With the King
(from the album Hit 'Em Hard)

Next.. next.. next..
Next y'all it's yes y'allest the tallest
Three the hardest from Hollis
If we didn't lock the blocks a lot of blocks'd be jobless, son
Run-D.M.C. and Jam Master Jay say, hey!
Come come and see the way we play ?? away day
In and out, sendin shouts out the mouth
If in doubt, chin em out, grill his mouth and send his snout South
I'm out - of course the force from up North
ain't up for grabs yup whattup then it's up yours!
You see we ain't open up doors - that's BUSINESS
We knocked those things off the motherfunkin HINGES
Whoever said we fell off, I have no taste for it
We couldn't fall off a skateboard, don't WAIT for it
Cruise the city hard, tell your city we're in charge
Watch it gitty-God or you'll be head and titty scarred
?? alliance by my mind and rhymes are more than shiny
So in the 90's watch your tiny heiny get grimy

Chorus: Run-D.M.C.

Hit 'em hard, catch him off his guard - what?
Hit 'em hard, catch him off his guard - what?
Hit 'em hard, hit 'em hit 'em hard - what?
Hit 'em hard, hit 'em hit 'em hard..


The hard hitter, I come to cross a critter splitter
Gold digger, better get a babysitter
I'm Daddy, cruisin like a Caddy braggin
Rag rag em, bruise em in a paddywagon
Pull a magnum, point it and I spat it at him
Then I stab him, grab the mics and start to blab em
Like a dragon, the breath of death is goin off
I'm comin hard, I'm one with God I'm never soft
I'm a father, to all the kids I'm gettin rid of
Livin larger, I give it to the highest bidder
So ante up, and come on out your pockets punk
The punk rocker, is gonna lock ya in a trunk
I pull a pump, and bump you off into a dump
You hear a thump, because I had to stump a rump
From Hollis Ave., I'll have you on the boulevard
I pull your card, word to God you know I'm hittin hard


Well as the mode explode (Run..) ?? when I'm layin one
Listen what I'm sayin (Run..) no playin are you obeyin Run
Bass is placed on the case (Run..) and it'll soon crash
sound beatdown AUGGGHHHH! *explosion* Another boom bash
See me and first thing they'll be like cursin I'm rehearsin it
You're weak and you're wack and you'll be the second and I'm first in it
Comin at you hard with God we're never feelin odd
Tell me how you figure pull the trigger nigga gettin scarred
Troop without a care my dear, you never hear a fear
Standin in the corner my daughter, you wanna - call me
You wanna call me out, you wanna call me out
You wan' you wan' you wanna wanna call me out a with the
trendy wear and your nappy hair
Never give a glare too rare you just stare
Prepare for your prayer, remember the tear
Cause Run'll beat ya, got to reach ya, ?? ??, and I'ma

Chorus 2X