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Holy Roly - Straight from the Spirit

Straight from the Spirit, here we go y'all
with a mega-fat flow y'all, cuz we're royal
children of the King, we cling to him & bring
forth heroes like David with his sling:
Pop! Down goes the giant! He was too defiant
When the living God's with ya, you be reliant!
So straight from the Spirit we roll over ya soul!
Straight from the Spirit & straight twarda goal!
The infinit Zion, step right in it like a lion!
Though compared with God you're smaller than an ion
Be courageous in the coming ages! No fear!
Be a pioneer, a volunteer, rejoice, be of cheer!
Cuz in faith you're big! Testimony is your gig!
Make sure you're real, not fake like a wig!
Dig in the good book of God, the Scriptures!
Seek His face and thank Him that He dipped ya
in the fulness of Jesus' holy blood-power!
We are His army, this is our hour!
to spot the devil's plot, blow it up, kaboom
End of part 1! Thank God! Quick to the bathroom

Straight from the Spirit! We come...
Straight from the Spirit
Straight from the Spirit! We come...
Straight from the Spirit

Straight from the Spirit, we come, God-born!
Uncomfy like a vine pruned or like sheep shorn!
Feeling naked like a pin-up, sweeter than syrup!
But in action faster than a horse at a gallop!
Cuz no mather how we represent love and tenderness,
we go ahead in God's armor, not in a pink dress!
We prefer something warmer, but God's will is law
So we fight like a knight, we don't play see-saw!
We tear your picture of the perfect model
of a Christian, like you see a baby toddle
just in need of protection... but don't kids grow?
And don't they wanna fight? Right? Yea, you knw!
So we battle without metal, yet drastically spraying!
Cuz our fountains of life in our hearts splash!
And our living-water-bombs are ever-fresh!
Every little drop of it will turn the devil's bad schemes
right into the opposite: wonderfully fulfilled dreams!
But first make sure you got something worth dreaming 'bout!
Don't let us spoil our oil on a crowd full of doubt!
Cuz we're...


Some ask: Straight from the Spirit; what does it mean?
Let's say: Over-boldly hittin' the mega-scene!
Yea, the multi-culti cast on this Universal stage!
Vagabonds, artists, groovin' into the new age!
Bringing them virtues & values, no grammy awards!
Cuz there's women who deserve mammy-awards!!!
Honnor your father and your mother & you'll have a long life!
Thank God for your parents, be a good man, a good wife!
Raise up your own kids, multiply till ya die!
Don't say: The world's too low; your mind's too high!
And the world's not too small, God's will is law. He says:
Live the way I like it makes an end to all the mess...
So straight from the Spirit cold crushin' agression
rebellion, despair, warfare and depression
You better bow down now & praise God, no matter how,
except in Jesus' name, from Sydney to Moscow
From Buenos Aires to Parism whatever your language
color, sex, culture or age, just one message
received clearly in your heart gives ya life without end
Jesus rose from the grave... to be your friend!