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Run DMC - Queens Day
(from the album Crown Royal)

(Nas talking)
We're the kings of rock now nigga, know-mean?

Queens Day, cash made on Hollis Ave
Q-B-O-R-O, nigga, makin niggas seem easy
Queens Day, cash made on Hollis Ave
Q-B-O-R-O, nigga, makin niggas seem easy

From the days of arm call niggas hung around blocks and corner stores
Herringbone chains and fantasies rushin the door
Niggas from Rastel poppin shells, snatchin rings
Fly from shirt kings, from Queensbridge to 118
I had my eyes open, steppin out into the world
So fiendish, Ol' English 'til I url, growing pains
A young kid, learnin early how to know the game
USA Roller Skate rink, mobs and crews would take minks
Clean streets, hustlers, crack cocaine
Gave back by throwin block parties and basketball games
A lotta cash made on Hollis Ave., fast and change
High rollers was livin, until the Task Force came
A lotta ghost towns and memories, bad blooded enemies
So many died with the same gangsta pride that entered me
Peace to them old timers, they who taught us
How to stand strong and pass it on to the sons and daughters
We all glow, and I'm proud to be all that I know
Q-B-O-R-O, nigga, who I die for
Survi-val, how we came a long way in solidarity
Don't let nothin try an spoil this day
To Run, D and Jay it's love and my thug salute
'Cause real love's the only thing that comes above this loot
Carhart jeans, it makes me think of LL's troops
Let's celebrate, it's Queens Day, this one's for you

(Chorus) 2x

Some come out they hometown and they never get dealt
But three teens from Queens took over the world and never let go
Just regular cats you know that just happened to blow
Not anonymous with Hollis, Jake, Darrell and Joe
Ay yo, we made so that others could grow
Look at LL, A Tribe Called Quest, Mobb and Nas Esco
Ain't takin credit, we showin pride, look at us now
Got haters mouths all open wide, wonderin how
In some cases the only thing that father and son
Have in common is they love for Run
Been the illest since day one, I'm too advanced to ever be caught
Who's more legendary than me...that's what I thought
And if somebody wanna test mine, yo, watch this
Peter Piper picked peppers......
And see I knew you knew the next line, and I bet you said it
It's been a minute, I'm still the king of the world so don't forget it

(Chorus) 2x

This is for my Q dogs who lit the block like spark
We grew up on Old English
Summertime Broyal Wilders Park used to be the shit,
why'd it have to stop
On the Ave. niggas blew on all the jewelry spots
Kicked the shirt kings for an ill airbrush top
That'll match my cortez Nike's
Niggas gettin robbed at the back door comin out with bags
We used to get our gold fronts, from Eddie's gold caps
What y'all know about that
I bet the whole Queens do, around '86 with the chrome bass crew
The young guns and lost boys made the news
Queensbridge is story in two
The story is true
So let's party for the borough and shit
And everybody come outside, 'cause it's Queens Day kid

(Chorus) 3x