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Run DMC - Crown Royal
(from the album Crown Royal)

For thine, is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever..

[Chorus: D.M.C.]
The king's a ruler, the ruler rules
The king's a ruler, the ruler rules
The king-the king's a ruler, the ruler rules
The king's a ruler, the ruler rules

I'm the epitome of royalty, you versus me is a joke
I'm a rage and major blaze, you cigarette smoke
Your video's number one and that was part of our plan
Went from "Rock Box" to a whole countdown jam
Took rock music, switched it and flipped it and made it raw
Anywhere you played, we played it before in eighty-four
Every show, a hundred thousand people or more
Fame'll still give us tours and we be tryin not to take 'em all
I bake 'em all, quicker than Sara Lee, come battle me
Imagine that, what a site that'll be
Front page of the Times, I can read the headlines now
Rev. Run beat clown down for tryin to take his crown


I'm the reason you started rhymin
I'm the reason rap sales started climbin
that's why I'm still headlinin
I'm the king and before I stop y'all cats gon' learn
Yeah y'all niggaz wanna burn wait your turn
Run I'm a living legend, my suggestion is learn your lesson
I leave you stressin confessin (?) and strivin for blessing
And whatever your impression it better be, that we the top pedigree
Bringin y'all enegry since eighty-three
I run this here since way back when
I pick up a pair of shells and make y'all wear 'em again
If you thought it I done did it
Heard it I done spit it
New cats wanna pay their respects then son I'm with it
But if not, I'ma reclaim the top of the charts
Doin shows for dough flows rip 'em apart
Other than that, I'll just be holdin my own
Crown Royalty, up on the throne, f'real

[Chorus] - 2X

Our father, who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, forever..

[Chorus] - to fade