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Holy Roly - The Contra-self conspirators

We hiphopnatize you! Christmanize you!
And if we had the right even sacrifice you
to the contraself-conspirators of the funkamental truth
Livin' on the rock under God's own hand, the stormproof rof!
We restore communication as we put right the statics
Cuz we're down-right charismatics, hooked on God like addicts!
We're spiritually o.d.'ing & we ain't watcha seeing,
so you better listen carefully before you start agreein'!
We can't join you, symbolically speaking, we're like argon!
But don't be afraid, even tho we jaw this jargon!
Tho it sounds we have something like chemical religion
very verbally transmittable, this is our origin:
Surprise! YOURS! Same background! Same culture!
But we've changed, we no longer need to consult ya,
or friends, or family, we run straight to God's office!
We go where heavenly advice, wisdom & love is!
And we turn back with the answer, the key, the solution!
Our job is to mob, so with passion we keep pushin'!
Halleluyacinatin' on rapture-prospects!
Unscientifical upward flying objects!
Resumed: God gave us new life for free!
All the doomed, come alive in the Spirit, go with me!
Be Christmanized, choose to go through the process!
Starting with reading the story of the 3 crosses!

The Contra-self conspirators propersonalize their being
with faith in the Lord, so Jesus is all that the world is seeing!
The Contra-self conspirators assassinate the evil of ego
If you wanna join us , come, go & follow whereever we go!

I was cold when God called me by name
His love killed my pride, it died, no more fame!
And I joined the contra-self conspirators
the unidentified planet Earth-visitors!
I became a strange religious extremist!
The rare kind you would wish no psychiatrist!
Horrible! But in God's eyes adorable!
Claiming Jesus only can make life wonderful!
Determined not to end up in an isolation cell
I dropped another and another and another bombshell
Hell was my warning, but heaven was my option
Allowing no interruption, God's open to adoption
was my attractive invitation to those without a clue
To become God's child again, reborn, brand-new
Now, like trains running over your brains we continue
Interrogating you: does God live in you?
The great I.Q.-quake is a fact, mind-demanding!
Take a look at the Universe, where is it ending?
Leaving you speechless I know you wonder where it begun
But it's too late to escape and there's no place to run!
Even if you would rent an appartment on Pluto
God would catch you, even if you're worldchampion judo
But is there any reason tryin' to bring God down to zero?
Can't we just let Him be big, let's not be like Calimero!