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Sup The Chemist - The Return Of
(from the album Dust)
© copyright 1998, Sup The Chemist

Sup The Chemist, returning from ship Zarion, into a Galaxy where you verbally speak to the mind ,and are bond by time, only time find ,the fear of God void, while mankind stands in line to be destroyed, my feet hit soil, I cock my chest, took a deep cleansing breath, released, signaled Five, out of the bushes he came creeping ,we embraced each other, an then broke out to the Apotropaic meet, a ten minute drive, not much speaking took place, just vibing off of a mixed tape with serious looks on our face, preparing myself mentally for the war at hand, I feel kind of nervous because I can't wait to serve this, recording of me, into a Galaxy effected by amphigory, comin from within mandatory, while thinking on that story ,I got a hit on my radar, a message from Quazar, Five O'clock park the car, I exit the passenger side then saluted facing the north star, as I sand ,out of the sand, rose a mini van, carrying two emcees Nameless and Bamm, we shock hands, then all piled into the van, descended back underground like a mole, connecting to train tracks and began to roll, I really couldn't see, cause it was dark and foggy, so I just closed my eyes, and tried to relax, it feels kind of trippy to be back, the vehicle comes to a halt, I step out like a pimp, with my right hand in my pocket, I see the mic on stage and I'm ready to rock it, I step inside the room, a 1000 emcees on there feet who I greet, while the systems boomin', then I'm sworn in like its a union, then they kill the beat.