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Sup The Chemist - Top Ramen Nites
(from the album Dust)
© copyright 1997, Sup The Chemist

A yo can I get a ride to the studio
I got a little cash for gas
that will give you a 3/8 gap
between F&E
please bro
I got to complete this demo
that would help me relinquish
some of this stress on my life
allowing me to concentrate
on makin' theses songs sound tight
I got a block for the night
popin' no dose
downing countless expressos
exit the studio
awake but snoring
on my way to work in the morning
pull up draggin' physically
but block it out mentally
cause I need this job
so I slave extra hard
as 12:00 starts to approach
I go to the bathroom to wash my face
then make my way towards the roach coach
reach into my pocket
dang I ain't got no grip
I spent it all on the Ampex 456
a homie
front me 60 cents
for some chips
can I get a cup of ice
then stroll to the faucet
& fill it up with H.2.O.
that will keep me straight until its time to go
ha sup home
come over here & shoot the breeze
naw bra I'm gonna use this time to catch some ZZZ's


verse two
now that the demo is complete
I put it in the streets
I'm rockin' crazy gigs
havin' meetings
with big wig record executives
who say
they dig my grooves
but that's all I witness
is their lips move
cause I never got a call back
and the one's that did
were offering busta contracts
talkin' bout (a sup)
do some gansta rap
man bump you
I ain't never gang banged
ain't never put a bullet in a body
for my st.
I come from the shoulders
& put nigga's to sleep
you know Holifield style
but thinkin' like that
has made my demo's start to pile
up to the ceiling but I never will stop revealing
my soul
over what I call
hip-hop beats
pacing up & down
415 hope St.
until I catch a break.
like DJ Revolution
enduring cause I'm engulfed in my vision
which is me Introducing
the world to my
aprotropaic rhythmic attack
that's just like crack
cause once you taste my hits
you're addicted
that's that


man this industry is fickle
like a fine model chick
so I'm setting fire to it
J.T. collaborate with me
& lets utilize the internet
connect & surfing my wave site
blown in by strong winds
hold your balance
as you enter into what surfers call the greenroom
battling gravity
e-mail your address to me
& I'll send ya
a piece of my mind
on a sticker
Beesyde Records
Introduced to you by two
men at work
from a land down under
the name
my Inner feelings
like Stevie
so there's no need to Wonder
the (hip hop) head hunter
like Herbie Hancock
I move right like the clock
Insurance that every song
we put on is strong
nothing can be boring
cause I want you to appreciate my recordings
like a pair of air Jordan's
so stop snorin'
on sup cause your boy is the missing link
due to top ramen nights
broke like Leon Sphinx
self esteem on the brink
made me make it that much more tight
top ramen nights
has helped me develop a deeper love for the art
& rockin' mic's
which makes me supreme
in front of spot lights
& I owe it all to
top ramen nights
I remember
top ramen nights