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Lady J. - Universal
(from the album On Top Of The World)
© copyright 1996, Lady J.

Hip-hop's universal so realize
that real hip-hop resides in a state of mind
so all levels of talent and all hip-hop styles
it's time to arise and time to unify

Now I be paintin' on my verbal landscapes
No escapin' or takin' my lyrics by mistake
'cause I take your cranium and fill with more word than dictionaries
I bring vision to my diction 'cause I'm a visionary
Let me explain a revolutionary concept of ill
'cause bein' ill consists of more than just MC skills
FOR REALITY IS A STATE OF MIND and not simply the ability to bust a
5-syllable rhyme
For reality's from the streets and of course it's in the beats
But even more than that it lies in the philosophy BEHIND the rhyme
or the b-boy style or the pop-lockin' DJ'in graffiti taggin' IT'S THE
Before you criticize make sure your motive's correct
'cause street allegiance must always be given respect
Even if it's not manifested in MC talent
One can be down with the real even if they're not one of the best
Not claimin' sets of west, east, south or mid
Whether I freestyle or not what I be is what I is, and
if my philosophy is down with the real THEN REAL HIP-HOP I BE


I maintain it's time to unify
We're wastin' time on this internal genocide
Cannibalizin' each other in rap degredation
Hip-hop molestation through judgmental devestation
While you claim superior skills our industry's the red-headed step-child
They laughin' at us like the Klan laughin' at black-on-black crime
Wake up open your eyes we ain't got time
To criticize and malign each other on trivial issues of style
'cause Hip-Hop is Universal
Whether my hood's in the ghetto or I live in the suburbs
Whether my color looks like chalk, motor oil or caramel
If hip-hop runs thru my veins it's real whether male or female
Hip-hop is Me and I be Hip-Hop
It don't stop if I keep it real inside my heart
In the place where the feeling and the truth abides


Is hip-hop so narrow-minded it can't embrace various types
or are YOU just narrowminded, livin' by stereotypes
Wantin' to keep people in your OWN box labelled "REAL HIP-HOP"
Not realizin' beauty's in the eye of the beholder--STOP--
For a moment and recognize that what YOU consider real ill
Someone else may see as wack and vice versa so CHILL
on the claims of havin' all the hip-hop answers
'cause you can be sure that what's real will last and will advance
The proof is in the pudding so they say so don't worry
If it's real it's longeveity will remain in history
And since only what we do for Jesus Christ will last
All praise is due to Him KEEP IT REAL AND STAY ON TASK

Chorus Out