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Sup The Chemist - How do you like your hip hop
(from the album Dust)
© copyright 1999, Sup The Chemist

You can't escape my pandemic vibes
Which has me traveling to different continents
Like a president
Spreading my faith built off of providence
Which over rides logic and common sense
Creating an ambiance
Where pirates are scared to ponder
Because I fulminate
Then escape just like the Uni-Bomber
How did he do it?
Remains a mystery
Like where did the put the body of Jimmy Hoffa
The industry isn't ready for this hip-hopper
Twisting styles like Batty boys
When they walk
I keep fresh stuff in stock
From them suckas that like to plot
On taking my spot
You're such a good wisher
I got flows that are wicked like Hitler
I keep your head bobbing up and down like the fader
On Q-Bert's mixer
Ghetto minister
Using phonetic as a picture
For changing ancient scriptures
Into perceptible pictures
Hitting city just like twister's
Altering everything in my range
People be asking
Who was that??
I don't know he came in God's name
Then they walk away never to be the same
Just like total recall
My world has been planted in your brain
Attempts to delete me
Will cause one to have emotional wars like Ned and Stacey
In case you haven't herd anything different lately
Here I am


Yes its me
The C.H.R.I.S.T.I.A.N.
Rocking for the love not cheddar
Destroying like a letter placed into a paper shredder
When I start reciting
Words that I've been writing
With blood shot eyes dry lips
And lint filled pockets
Moved by merely receiving
Claps and screams
From those listening
A true b-boys dream
Sweat glistening
From spot lights beaming down on my body
Concentration revealed by facial expression
Culture shown by way of dressing
Attitude come doper in every session
Pressing for the mark
Where the mind is in a continuous state
Step inside the studio booth and rock my verse in one take
Tight like a body by Jake
Y'all cats know the deal who's real
And who's fake
So I don't have to even speak on it
Just do what I do
Enter into the center of the stage
Microphone check one


My style is tight
Like brand new shoes
I keep clicks and crews
Looking out for me like I'm one time
And you're rolling around with tags
Three months behind
I got formulas like Einstein
Bound by time
I had to slow my roll
Just so the planet could pick up on my flow
Ever since I was an embryo
I was special like Anakin Skywalker
My style haunts hater's like a stalker
Laughing at me
Not understanding I camouflaged my whole identity
Just so I could walk close
To the enemy
Side by side
Calculate your every step
Waiting for the day your get a rep
Its time for pressure
Knock you out the circle
Like a sumo wrestler
You'll never be fresher
Though your crew has got you hype
Thinking you're vital
Like Buster Douglas
You enter into the ring and left without your title