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Sup The Chemist - Is this a dream?
(from the album Dust)
© copyright 1998, Sup The Chemist

My millennium skills
Are taking over like computers
Leaving large warts on the tongue of intruders
When they try to follow my patterns
Capture my plutonic ambiance
I leave upon the audience
My skills are dangerous
Contagious likes pink eye
You came to close
Now you are contaminated
The clonites hate it
The government is concerned
So they put Scully & Mulder on the case
But I move very quickly
And I'm very hard to trace
Like Tim the tool man's neighbor
Know one has really seen my face
I live by grace
Ushering in a ecclesiastical out pours
One this world has never sees before
I have no title
But they still try
But every time they get close
Like a maggot I fly
South over the sea
Watching for the rise
Of the beast called blasphemy
Blessed with all authority and earthly power
At his command
Upon him I stare
As he comes out the water
With feet shaped like a bear
As they touch dry soil
My emotions began to boil
I like a shot at one of his seven heads
With the intention of spoil
But he continues on his journey
Not even concerned with me
Walked & stopped at the equator
Healed his wound
Then pulled another beast out of the a tomb

"Chorus "

Now out of the tomb he stands
With 2 horns like a lamb
But seen in the natural realm
As a normal man
Possessing the same power's
He economically devours
Doing great miracles
Sucking in doubters
He tell all homosapien's
The first beast is greater
Be destroyed or worship your savior
He is now established his self as the man
Tells the presidents
To unify the world by
Putting a mark on to everyone's
Right hand
The world's not rebelling
Because the stage has been set tight
Flood the world with violence
So you think that it's right to take the mark of the beast
Which is looked upon as a symbol of peace
And it is a peace
A piece of your eternal spirit
Is what I scream
As I stand in front of you
But you don't here a thing


Now that I've been spotted
And I'm on the run
From four horse men
I ditch them
Lay down by a rock
With the thoughts of resting
Then out of the sand
Came a giant scorpion
He rose ready to strike
Then all of a sudden
From my forehead came forth a light
Pulverizing the scorpions sight
He ran off screaming frantically
I stood up in bewilderment
Wondering what happen to me
Why am I not dead?
I look to the sky
To find a reflection of my face
& Across my forehead it reads
Saved by grace