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Hendrik D. Meyer - Save Souls

Ask believe and you shall receive,
trust in Christ and take heed,
cause the words he's telling you, Gods love is true
old things are passed away, all things become new
self must be crucified, so Jesus can abide
if you think you can sin and be saved, thats a lie,
call on God and you soul will be quickened
resist the devil, so he'll stop tricken
your mind and your eyes, satan wants us to die
but if you trust in Christ, in heaven you'll fly
for eternity and sabbath shall have no end
and all gods children say amen,
stand bold behold the streets of gold
and the walls of jasper, as im told
in revelations 21, 9 through 27
it talks about the new earth, and the new heaven
the harvest is ripe, but the laborers are few
we need to fast and pray, so we know what to do
the unsaved are the harvest, and we are the farmers
before you witness, put on the armour
of ephesians, 6 and 12
get right with god, and save souls from hell.