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Knowdaverbs - Whatever Brings the sheep
(from the album The Syllabus)
© copyright 1999, Gotee Records

Theres many sheep lost in case u haven't heard, they say whatever brings the sheep brings brings the herd. The plan, to recollect no matter what attacks this, whatever brings the sheep using divine tips and tactics. Knowdaverbs conveys words to help encourage the blurred. they used to doubt this method and the way which God was served. Yesterdays naysayers nowadays called playahaters while theres a whole bunch of heads in desperate need to catch the vapors. for sure they're listening unaware of what their getting in, an ear full of blessing from the moment they pop the tape in this for my people feening for the culture apostles of break beats and show posters. The music stays on point tracks are made as were led we welcome irragationfrom a verse disecting head hip-hop aficcianados feel us at functions. factors all about making the crowd and God conjunctioned. restoration as you listen, never mistake the goal, cause the vision hasen't changed since i was 12 years old.(repeat chorus)though it may be cool to get 5 mics in source, thats only evidence of the move of God's force it was nothing i done but the power of words outspoken what good is 5 mics if the lives are still broken. honestly we just the vessels,for real, truly gettin our stuff together turnin' wheels like a dooley truck or a semi when i hem my pants up. I work in the dirt cause i know the worlds corrupt you can't go into battle emptyhanded talkin to youth thats been mind set and branded. got to flood the fields with the music that's effective to help cure them heads with them souls thats infected. it would be irresponcibility, since it's up to me if i let a sheep pass on by in the ministry.