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Freakface - Worshipflow
© copyright 2003


King of all days, always
The One who answers my prayers.
Full of grace, You I praise, one day I will see You face to face!
Thank You that Youíve chosen me, as part of Your family.
From the beginning You already loved me, protected me.
Not just to be Your love worthy, but because of Your mercy.

Lord, You saved me from my sorrow,
Now You make my heart glow.
You told me Iím a commando, I just want to go and sow,
Bringing the people what you brought in me, the Holy Spirit flow.
But it seems to be impossible Father,
How can I be better than any other?
Iím not, Iím nuts I didnít had any guts!
My heart was broken, full of sadness,
But You have chosen to bring me gladness.
I was weak, a sissy, people started to dis me,
It hurt me, but You formed my heart to become courageously!
Why Lord, why did you do that?
I just donít understand!
So much sin I have done, my faith almost faded away, and I never won!
Now You wanna make me one of your best soldiers?
I swear God if it wasnít for You, I would give myself to the vultures!
But Iím crazy about You, because You love me too.
Never mind the situation I always want to be mad for You!
So You train me, to form me, to become the one You want me to be.
Lord, You know I gave my life to You, would die for You, and cry for You!
Now look what Iíve done to you, even today Iím sinful, but Your grace is wonderful,
Yeah, YouĎre so beautiful.

Do I have to struggle before I die?
No, You revive me, on Your wings I can fly!
I was dead already, now Iím alive!
And now I have to die again?
What are You doing Jesus, whatís Your plan?
I know I have to be fruitful, a new recruit, neither aggressive nor cruel!

Lord, Iíll become a wise fool for You.
What do I have to do, to become a member of Your elite crew?
Youíre so mysterious to me, you set me free,
But the struggles are continuing in me!
Spiritual warfare! The flesh has to flee!
But itís pulling at me!
Itís unbelievable, how dirt can hurt.
Wrestling with it is much more tougher,
Than wrestling with fists against WCW, or a cover.
I really need You my Friend, I want this to end.
Speak to me as I stand, and face the darkness.
Spit fires, as I am fire spitting in Your name: ďGod Bless!Ē
Let my tongue be a two-sided sword, as I cry flames out of Your Living Word.
Donít let me let my faith go!
I need Yoí, to destroy the revealed Ho!
Let my one-liners be as grenades, blowiní up front liners, one by one, try to get me on their blades!
Running up to the battle weíve already won.
Source of all goodness, You are the only Holy One.
You hang on that cross, I remember those words:
And Death has come, but in your name, You overcame Hells flame.
And thatís where it all begun.

Now let this cry of my heart,
Be a sacrifice for You, Lord God!
As I stand in awe of You,
Let my heart be Holy-flowly-Spirit-filled too!
I do love You, yet You test
My patience to go through,
All these battles in sake for The Truth.

Let Your words go deep inside of me, as I long to be,
Loyal to The Trinity!
King of the universe, I ask You, once again,
Let me become the one You want me to be in your plan.
You simply are The Way, The Truth and The Light.
Lead me The Way, as I just go into this heavenly flight,
As I fight against the forces of darkness, as well at night as in the daylight.
Be my Light, as I stand in The Truth for being a righteous knight.
Iím ready Lord, when You are.
Make me a pioneer in this spiritual war.
Teach me and train me with this sword. This flaming blade that will never be destroyed!
Let me march on, as I come; undone, undignified,
Unstoppable and undivided, once Iíve begun.
All hail and praises to You Oh God!
Once You shed for me Your blood.
Unconditional love, that can only be from heaven above.
Prepare my heart for this new life I want to start.
It wonít ever be too far,
For I know now, who You are.