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DeepSpace5 - If Tomorrow Starts Without Me
(from the album The Night We Called It a Day)
© copyright 2001

Verse 1 (Listener):
yeah when you get up today to find me not around your place
crying realising the events of days past
years creeping by and the minutes are forever
deep impressing depressing into your heart
asking the whys and hows contimplating the start of your end
remembering late nights with friends breath grasping for the sides
reaching for a platue that spins not
I'm so sorry i would not have meant to go
but i hope you know that through all the sorrow and hurt that im better
I know it sucks to hear how all yall are better
ill try the hardest while im alive to get the most done
it doesnt make any sense though when death takes you for a run
its hard to keep the memory of me locked deep into your arteries part of the leak
just can't believe through all the acomplishments and memories that none of it matters
the world keeps going life keeps showing how minute it is in the grand scheme of this
so when tomorrow comes and you have to wake without me
just make sure its the life of me that you miss
Verse 2 (manCHILD):
I back-slap my clock in the face
at the same moment pull seconds from the trash heap cause I got no time to waste
chase the sunrise I yell franticly as my tounge ties
argue that this day may start without me just might be unwise lungs try to take in oxygen
I draw drops in astonishment heart breaks time quakes like Kurt Vonnegut
wisdom of Solomon drips my split lip like collagen
romancin the stone cold faces of death like harlequin
so I stitch my time with silver threads and golden needles
enjoy the cold and evil and consider my life is hopeless
I focus on the process regardless of the outcome
cause thats the only copy of Sintax's solo album
these are the same hands i used to stroke his soul
and grabbed a city by the throat but didnt have the strength to hold it
if im ancient by tomorrow just step to the other side
and leave the fans in the capable hands of deepspace5
Verse 3 (Playdough):
sixteen pads for the drum thats where im from
wondering how ive become so accustom to the shoulder with the chip a soul with the fat lip
my spirits being smacked character still atacked the fact still remains they chose to not use
cause mic sparks permenent marks and tattoos they act fools with rules of no castings
clearly its pierced my soul the biggest hole is in my heart
I'm wishing that tomorrow would start without me maybe then they'd see
this emcee plays more of a solution to polution than you
but the truth is being masked with dont tell or ask about hurts
and lies from shirts and ties because it heavily relies on me
wearing disguise is just through reach the lost is placing my arms across my chest
lay my body to rest and say goodbye