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DJ Guardian - Take It Back
© copyright 2003, Michael Means

Standing in the midst of a clan / of man / of rappers who plan to stand / and command / some respect to an industry that can't / but hands everything that it's got / to a flock / of rappers that mock // the God that's given them all they've got / and provided a spot / in hip-hop / on this block / but it's time for them to stop /, their game is just one big crock // but they sell very well / but devouge no info for anyone to tell / where they hail / what they hail / we must dispell / for all we know it's just a show, they might be destined to hell // so we choose / to difuse / their views / to much time has been used / now it's time to share the good news / and infuse / the Christ that Holy Hip Hop is ment to, / be dedicated and speak through //

temp hook (will be change in group remix):

take it back / take it back / it's time to take it back / God's coming to take it back //
repeat 4 times...