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Listener - Decadence
(from the album Whispermoon)
© copyright 2003

(Listener's part only)

We'll say raps, and you'll listen to them.
It's nothing new really, we're not trying to start trends.
We'll speak what's on our mind, maybe gain a few friends.
Running around your pool, swimming in decadence.

Verse 1:
When my lines get punched it gives you cauliflower ear, sorry.
I'm so glad you finally got the chance to blow up,
except for the fact that it was only in your face, you'll get over it.
I think it's fantastic that you're out here rapping.
It's like you're a really funny joke, but without all the laughing.
I seem to be sprinkling chocolate gem-drop jewels over gold fronted fools.
Carrying the heaviest of styles with the most handsome of pack mules.
I'm talking about cement feathers, and tiny rhinoceros bull elephants.
Like a non-matriculated student freaking rap robot factory starter kits.
Pushing, iron butterflies through an obviously easy maze,
and getting self conscious almost sick sitting through your kinds of praise.
I'm chained and it's upsetting. You're brain dead and I'm regretting.
That I've even chose to take this much artistic license by wetting.
Your appetite and letting us get this far along without trying to teach you something.
Painting purple and blue circles around your itchy head thoughts snapping like, trees.
I sit with a smile, you stand with a blank look.
Lets all sing and dance and bake cookies for 3rd world countries,
and then go & write a book about how we went and conquered all,
and didn't even have a chance to try and fall,
and then decided to tear down a bunch of walls, and blah-blah-blah.
It's silly to me to have all the smoke and mirror puppet agendas.
I really am free see I no longer have a need for your quasi-safe haven placenta.
You've got something to say, that's great let's get up and say it.
You've got something to listen to, that's right because I made it.

Verse 2:
Most of the time I'm just content to sit around and rhyme.
But then other times I feel I should do something more responsible with my most of the times.
I really do need to get a new hobby and stop trying to waste your precious...blank.
Mostly because of the sweat that stings my eyes when I work too hard,
but I know it's the stress that leaves me breathless.
Your a true statue and I'm not talking about a rock that doesn't move.
Your like a rock that someone else made that tries to look like something that doesn't move.
And I feel like I should be embarrassed, but then I know that others are for me.
I know that there are others that are forming a carefrontational group for me.
But let's just take this time to give a deepspace5 to all the people who ignore me.
But then if they did that, then I would feel like they've turned their backs on me.
And obviously they have.
Most of the time I'm just content to sit around and rhyme.
But then other times I feel like doing something more fun than just boring raps.
Like I should be playing with the other kids swinging and being outside.
But with these allergic reactions to people I have to be happy with living inside.
I need to go and get that checked, have it looked at really soon.
Because the infection I've got going is starting to hurt and fester.
See I'm home schooled and gullible wearing my name on a brass belt buckle.
My mom calls me Dan but my shiny buckle says my name's Lester.
Most of the time I'm just content to sit around and rhyme.
But then again I never really do just sit around and rhyme.
That's a falsity on my part.