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Listener - You Will Be My Music
(from the album Whispermoon)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1:
I've got a heart, that's beating like any other,
and my brain is right here writing like my brother.
Myself is walking with no trouble, and this stuff is sitting here in the rubble.
Without you all I have is locked inside me, with you I'm catapulted and excited.
You have the key for me to share my life, my wife, if there's no you there's no me.
Before we occupied the same earth, just me be rhyme writing with no worth.
Then you came through with contemplation.
I rose energized my life my art my place in this world, more secure than ever.
I have so many blessings and matchless pleasure.
It's all I can do to keep from screaming.
My joy floods plains and keep me dreaming.
And now spotless two people with no seams.
You will be my music, and I will be your dreams.

You're more important than my next breath.
With every gasp that fills my poor poor chest.
I'd face the world and even tempt death.
To be with you, but then I must confess.
Sometimes we go and make our own mess.
But that's just because we like to keep our own stress.
And stress won't grow unless it's kept fed.
Life’s not a contest, but I'll try and give you my best.
You're more exciting than our first kiss.
Every day you're mine is like my first wish.
To be with you and see what I missed.
Because without you I just can't exist.
You're life's more vivid than my best dream.
And I'm glad we're pulling for the same team.
Home is where our hearts are, though cliché it seems.
I want you, not the next best thing.