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KRS-One - Ain't Ready
(from the album Spiritual Minded)
© copyright 2002, KRS-One

Uhh! They don't wanna battle
They ain't ready for the battle, uh-uh, uh-uh (Temple of Hip-Hop)
Listen, listen, listen

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Your spirit AIN'T READY
Your church AIN'T READY
Your bishop AIN'T READY
Your deacons AIN'T READY
Your choir AIN'T READY
Your ushers AIN'T READY
At the Temple of Hip-Hop

Look! To all my people hurtin, all my people searchin
What we know for sure, God is always workin
Workin while you flirtin, workin while you jerkin
Workin while the world is turnin and these cities burnin
God is always workin, workin while you learnin
Workin while you ignorant and when you're not concernin
Christ consciousness, get that, got that
Spit that, rock that, hip that, hop that
You sniff that? Stop that, I give back and got back
Greedy? I'm not that, you needy for that shock rap
Slangin on the block rap, duckin where the cops at
I don't know that, but Jesus done copped that
Not that man on the cross, it ain't like that
You must act like the son of God, that's where the lights at
Stop readin only and start bein show me
Like the resurrection I'll be back, they can't hold me


One thing's for sure and believe it hurt
It's when the pastor ain't sure, and deceives the church
They don't know God's law, and can't see God at work
So when they see hip-hop, they push it to the back of the church
Like fig trees or figures they don't bear fruit
They gospel artists, still tryin to chase that loot
Hear the truth now, I come to enhance the light
They women of God, singin while they pants is tight?
They not hot! Really they, regular
They clothes they flows, all that, secular
What's the difference I could stay in the world and wild
if these church girls wear more makeup than Destiny's Child
Keep it real Christian, some of y'all liftin ain't likin
But this is the difference between a Christian and a Christ-ian
Stop readin only and start bein show me
Like the resurrection I'll be back, they can't hold me
.. listen, listen, listen


Look! Spiritual minded, you must find it
Find your spirit and go deep inside it
This goes out to the Christ-ians listenin
This is the flow that, gospel's missin it's
urban inspirational rap
We got our own section in the record stores, in our own rack
We respect tradition, from the start
But we now know, the true word of God is written in our heart
We gotta say somethin to the streets kid!
All these churches surroundin the devil still ain't defeat it?
They the type to get down, I'm the type to get up
From "Criminal" to "Spiritual Minded", now raise your head up
Let me start, these rappers ain't got God in they heart
All they want is quick money, and a movie part
Let me begin - what, where, why or when
What's the use of double platinum if you're livin in sin
Hear the truth - how long you think you gonna last
rockin the mic, without havin to go back to class?
Now you're forced, to listen to the teacher outrap them
Yes there's life after platinum