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Grits - People Noticin Me
(from the album Factors of the 7)

Thank the Lord for people Notin' Me
There once was a time seemed I didn't exist
With the world turned crazy don't treat me shady, baby
People Noticin' me.

When people Notice me, I notice them right back
Acknowledge the fact if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be where I was at
Which is nowhere fast, my destination zero
Never a decor of metals don't own a cape can't be known as a hero
Nothing which is I
Nada Partna, fledgling inkling a mere sapling
Just for breath I resort to grappling
Appalling calling to my peers who keep on falling
Let's put this junk in reverse before matches get any worse
Standing on shores of Orion, wishing someone would hold my hand
Dreading being alone or being a failure trying to stand on my own
Got a dysfunction, crunchin' my ribcage anxiety attacks
Look back turn into a pillar of salt, while all the while thinkin', "It's not My Fault"

Positions I been placed in versus conditions I've been facin'
It's on me to balance things sounds like a task to great for kings
Switch it which it is, I guess that's what my Bible Profess
Obstacles turn up every day got to make the grade to pass the test
Candidate in the poll dappin' proppin' all the voters
It's been ordained that I be noticed.....


I exercise with the vocals
Apply verbal choke holds
To theological minds who try to unfold
These written analizations of things seen through eyes of "X", the generation up next to lead this nation to it's destiny
Seems to me the rate the world is goin' I see Hell around the corner like Sodom and Gamora, the Horrors comin' clearer
I see my life on borrowed time of the future in the mirror I see fear of never makin' it
Concentration has a break in it
Havin' fits frustrated from incompetence or complications as a speaker of truth
When people noticin' you, it seems to never get through
What if I stumble and fall my and all that I achieved in the light of God's direction stripped from me I'll count it blessed the day
The chastened spirit of my being to have it all so I could see without it all my only need was peace in Christ so ya'll can see my contention in the blessings of life
With no possessions will you be noticin' me when i'm nothin?
Baby, will you be noticin' me?
Will you be noticin'' Me?


Count Bass D:
Now I hear ya holla 'bout your people but I think ya forgot
I wonder if Dameon knows that Tupac got shot?
Or if he cares?
'Cause we the brothers from up under the stairs
While you holla' 'bout your Daytons and meaningless conversations
See I don't care if you get high or blunted
I'll get you hotter than an SP 1200
I'm standin' firm like Tom Cruise cut out the booze and I don't work for Work now
So Farakhan stay out my church
I put in work
It's Count Bass with the GRITS.