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KRS-One - Take Your Tyme
(from the album Spiritual Minded)
© copyright 2002, KRS-One

Y'all don't know? Y'all don't know your body is a temple?
A temple to the living God? Don't get gassed y'all
All my sisters out there, here's the truth
You, a you've got to.. {TAKE.. YOUR.. TIME}
Look, look!

You don't want no unsteady relationships, you want it tight
You don't want no man beggin and always gonna get, am I right?
You don't want no man sleepin cheatin freakin behind his wife
There's no such thing as make love, it's really make life
I don't care what nobody say; you sleep with a man, that's your husband
So make sure, before you lay down, you love him
And learn him, yes it's still sacred to be a virgin
Relax, it's curiosity that always burns 'em in fact
Sex is like candy, be disciplined, no splurgin
You don't want your stomach hurtin
Girl, you gotta.. {TAKE.. YOUR.. TIME}

Cash is an issue with that he can never diss you
Even if he makes you cry, you bought your own tissue
witcha own case, witcha own hand, wipe ya own face
And throw him out, no doubt, out of your own place
If your heart is broken you can mend it
If you're independent, your womanhood, that's when you defend it
Just.. uhh, just {TAKE.. YOUR.. TIME} woo!


Don't come witcha hand always out
If he buys you somethin thank him, but that's not what a man is about
Real men are real friends, showin their real commitment
He tells you he really loves you, a boy can't really admit it
If a man really wants you, that man really flaunts you
In public or private a real man really supports you
'Member what Guru taught you? Of course you "Royalty"
You dress how you like when a QUEEN is what you ought to be
and ought to act like, and also ought to manifest
How you dress makes you constantly blessed, or constantly stressed


Yo, yo
So while you burnin off those calories, think about reality
Get a skill for the salary, a man for the family
Not a boy, that's a catastrophe, don't get mad at me
Instead of always clubbin visit museums and art galleries
Pick the single man, admirin the ancient sculpture
He's cultured, chances are he won't insult ya
Give him your number only after you know what he does
Ask him what it is, not what it was
You want the good life (GOOD LIFE)
You want the good life (GOOD LIFE)
You want the, you want the, you want the
C'mon, you gotta {TAKE.. YOUR.. TIME}