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KRS-One - Trust
(from the album Spiritual Minded)
© copyright 2002, KRS-One

C'mon, gather round now, gather round now, look now
How many times did you pre-meditate
what you thought was your fate, cause you couldn't just wait
You had to have it the way that you thought in your mind
But in the end, everything came in time
But before the time, you was losin your mind
You was racin and rushin and fallin behind
But let me tell you bout God and the way that She works
I mean the way that He works, I mean the way that We work
You gotta trust in your Lord, everything is in accord
Don't rush or fuss, you gonna get yours
Close your eyes, your heart, your ears, your mind
to the ways and thoughts of mankind
And seek ye first the Kingdom of God
And things won't seem so hard
You gotta trust your Lord, uhh, uhh.. tell 'em bout

Trust and obey, trust when afraid
Trust when you paid, trust when betrayed
Trust when you fear, trust when you unclear
Trust when you here, trust when you near
Trust when you down, trust when you found
Trust when you clown, trust

C'mon, let's do it again, uh, uh
Let's raise it up, c'mon, look

After you live and you learn then you see
You will learn how to trust in your G-O-D
You will be so free, you won't see no me
You will only see the will of the almighty
You sick of what? Well ya will, give it up
Stop thinkin and begin to, live it up
Everytime you think it's one way it's not
Everytime you wanna start you really stop
Trust in the inner the outer is for the sinners
In fact this whole rap is for beginners
Those that have talked and walked upon the path
Know that they get what they want before they act
So why rush, if your respect is due
Whatever you DON'T have is protectin you
Here's what you DO have that be bringin the drama
Ask and it shall be given, with a comma


You trust in her, trust in him, trust in them, and then
Trust in men, trust in sin, trust in friends
You trust in her, trust in him, trust in them, and then
Trust in men, trust in sin, trust in friends

Uh uh, soundin good, soundin good, look, look
So when will you be it, when will you see it
That thoughts and things they manifest when you decree it
But God be lookin out for you
Puttin a stop to what you're about to do
In your life, and in your circumstances
Everytime you speak you be takin chances
Talkin bout things that you really don't have to have
So when you get 'em, your life turns sad
Your life turns bad, now why would your God be allowin that?
Trust in God, that's where the crown is at
It's not in what you get, it's what happens after that
So if you think your life is shrinkin
It may be cause you keep thinkin
Not that intellect is wrong
It's just the beginning, it might be time to move on