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Mars ILL - Under the Sun
(from the album Raw Material (the original))
© copyright 2000

that which is done that will be done
and nothing is new thats under the sun
that which is done that will be done
and nothing is new thats under the sun

Verse 1: manCHILD
I buried my possesions in the name of poverty
because its got to be vain so I adopted modesty
honesty the quest for knowledge through the questions I ask
through the concepts I grasp threw wisdom out the window
collecting four by the kilo put in straight into my steelo
said if they knew what we know they would be enlightened people
I've seen the works of master builders that I've wanted to do the same
raise a temple to the clouds and dedicate it to my name
but emceeing is my claim
putting up the heads to shame
I want to be like David Stern and make the people love this game
but its vain plain and simply as my footsteps echo simpty
the rhythm of my inners beating gently left me empty
any endeavor that sever the absolute Christ
the boards of life thrown into the calamity avanty
I stand to be in judgement for every act
even the ? understood that I don't choose to chase cyclones
see I've shown up on the mic and crushed a few emcees to dust
late at night come on reflection in a fit of disgust
but He is Just and Just wants to defend you from sin
you failed to catch the gail forces when you try to chase the wind


Verse 2: Listener
what's the purpose of life anyways
the mile of junk that there is and this is it
get placed here against my will even before I had one
dropped out of nowhere and forced inheirly to survive
and given the name son
me I'm sad about the uselessness this world has for me
programmed to view life in the way
in which I won't be happy unless I have everything for me
but I can't be whole
what do you get if you collect everything the world has to offer but forget
all about your soul
its all the same everyday for years and years
around this one you get made get born grows up then soon you having your son
who's got to go through it all agin
programmed to worship all the trends
trying so hard to be everything to every friend
son seek life seek the truth and pray that God will open your mind
these are all basic instuctions you must look and then you'll find


Verse 3: manCHILD
how what when where why
sometimes I wonder man run your plan to your brother man I'll try to understand
state your case all the things you face rappers lie two ways
will you take us to new places or are you on a paper chase
it makes my day when original thought blesses the game
but pretty much the cycle turns again and everything is the same
beneath the rays of the sun until the last day is done
its a freeway of replays no matter where its from
some think its new but I can feel the deja vu
if you beleive it or you don't that doesn't really make it true
what was and will be since the Ancient of Days I AM
mics play but we forget to give the praise
you're wicked ways aren't original yo you learned it from the serpent
confirmed it on my knees that you'll come clean then detergent
you can't hide like a hermit and buy your future from a merchant
you reep what you sow and your destiny you earn it
kids still getting murdered seems the trends are everlasting
the rich are getting richer and the times forever passing
shape times I jack your lives and the world is still collasping
so where you's ever after thats the question that I'm asking