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Mars ILL - Enterchange
(from the album Backbreakonomics)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1:
I got seven ways to say something different/
If you're allergic to the truth, then I suggest you keep your distance/
Plug your ears and listen to the sound of a hard heart/
Whose trust was pulled one too many times by these card sharks/
I spark a charge that darts across the charts/
Set far apart from the garbage they're calling our art/
I start a lot of controversy. Afraid that we're dissing you?/
From the big willie cats to the underground and miniscule?/
Honestly, it's anyone polluting the subliminal/
If that's you, retribution is unconditional/
I'm willing to commit career suicide/
If I know that it could fill all your emptiness inside/
But I'm confident that top-billing and ripping the veil/
Is my job and heart throbs with all it entails/
Can't fail, found success when feet hit the trail/
Dues paid? Yes ya'll, check's in the mail...

It's all about timing and it's about time/
To get inside your spine and change your state of mind/
You waiting for the music that you need to remember?/
Forget all the rest, 'cause that's when we enter/
Right about now, we step into your space/
Run up on your intellect and look you in the face/
Are you tired of being lied to? That's all we're asking/
It's time for a change, Mars ILL, enter the dragon...

Verse 2:
We did a show but nobody showed up/
We did another couple. Ten people came to show love/
Not trying to blow up, just need to make this music/
Can't explain it. It's just like I'm breathing when I do it/
Keeping muted's not an option. It's more like a death wish/
Got verses trapped inside and I gotta let them exit/
The curse I'm blessed with, I consider very precious/
Proceed with caution. This could crack your solar plexus/
Next, we did a few hundred shows in a row/
Hit the road time and again and watched the revolution grow/
Keeping it moving to help you establish what's what/
Watch the masses mouth the words to "Sphere" and "Love's Not"/
Wait at the bus stop with agenda in hand/
Yelling, "Bust shots in the air, not into your fellow man!"/
Tell a friend, tell a foe and I'll tell a few of mine/
We can change the whole world one soul at time...


M-A-R-S-I-Double L/
Rocking the bells, so go home and tell/
Everyone on your block we got records to sell/
M-A-R-S-I-Double L/
M-A-R-S-I-Double L/
Rocking the bells, so go home and tell/
Everyone on your block who taught you how to spell/
M-A-R-S-I-Double L...

Verse 3:
Yeah, you talking loud, but you ain't saying no thang/
Throw slang across the map and watch both coasts change/
Grow fame one step at a time. Start with no name/
"Breathe Slow" banging in the front row sang by/
Everyone who came to the show, change the old game/
See everybody doesn't flow the same/
So take your gold fangs and fronts and say what you want/
But understand that I've held your number from the jump/
It's something sort of resembling your new favorite record and rap group/
Grab raw skill and toss it at you/
Get under your skin like a tattoo with permanent results/
That's provided you have a pulse/
Full of useful information on life, love and hatred/
Learning from mistakes, the breaks and proper placement/
Knowing when to dish it out and knowing when to take it/
God is the answer when all else is makeshift...