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Erase - Brothers Keeper
© copyright T. Collins, T. McKeehan, J. Painter, J. Elwood


A mental stroll down a melodic path

Verse 1

I wanna step in my mind so I can stretch my mind
I wanna step in my mind so I can stretch my mind

Praise the one above everyday for forgiveness
Forgiveness is a gift and the takers stopped giving
whats you givin ? How you living?
Do you love your brother man like the Lord loves his children?


Lord be my keeper and Lord be my witness
its tough when the world teaches us self interest
who to love and who to trust
don't worry who to love cause you can't love enough

and yeah my brothers got my back
cause when I'm outta control they put the train back on track
and when we hang we're always with each other
cause they ain't heavy man they're my brothers

Chorus 1

Am I my brothers keeper ?
Am I my brothers friend ?
Am I my brothers keeper ?
Am I my brothers keeper?

Turn 1

Whats your problem man?
their ain't a problem man
cause last I heard we were brothers man

Verse 2
Boom Boom Ba Dap Ba Dap Boom
Boom Boom Ba Dap Ba Dap Boom
Boom Boom Ba Dap Ba Dap Boom
Boom Boom stick'em huh huh stick'em

Walking thru the caverns of my mind state
my father gives me all the food I need to eat on my plate
so I'm an ingrate cause I wanna integrate
don't want to separate live my life drapped in hate

moving in directions but going separate ways
the ends to the means but I mean the ends are frayed
coming untangled and separate from the shoe
we can't walk together till we find the soul glue

Purpose in my heart that I should uplift
the people that my father bestowed a different gift to
maybe one of color or character in depth
I simply know my calling is to give each one respect

Chorus 2

Verse 3

Am I the keeper of my brother is my brother my keeper?
everytime I check him he's getting in deeper
and less shallow are the things that I felt
like my responsibilities the hand that he was dealt

two jacks, a queen, a king, an ace of hearts
the whole is the sume of all of its parts
prior to elaborating I must define
who is my brother who is my kind

who gets the props when I gets to drop'em
the birds of a feather they stick together
forever we've been thinking that our kind is our race
but all of us got two eyes, a nose and a .....(face)

pride in the past is a serious bind
but aren't we to have some pride in mankind
I am my brothers keeper to this I am agreeing
but I define my brother as another human being

Chorus 3