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Liphe - One True Dedication
(from the album Theories of Liphe)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1: Tech Omega

Lifeís my shorty, she ainít a hoe or a bitch/
She got the soul in the mix/
When I flow and I spit/
I make her mind go in a trip/
Like a rollin a ?/
With a flow and a gift/
Iím showing my midst/
That my heartís blowing some clips/
Showing life in this type of rhyme/
Love and hate son, thereís a thin line/
Dead broke around this time/
Asking God for a nice good dyme/
One whoís nice, one whoís kind/
Always on my mind/
He gave me a shorty, my one true dedication/
My only inspiration/
My only motivation/
My love, my heart felt tribulation/
Godís most beautiful intimate creation/
Iím true for lovers in this life that never ever made it/
For the love thatís incarcerated/
Those left behind that can never ever make it/
In hardships son, they still situated/
Those who died, hate related/
From every word my heart created/
For the love of the life son, this is dedicated/


Iím dedicated/
To the most High/
To stay fly/
Daily on this struggle to show this type of sight/
Speak the truth to all my peoples so they can see the light

Verse 2: Soldier The Brainchyld

I build my train of thought with a passion/
Speak to people in the form of rapping/
My life displays the everlasting/
Light of Christ/
Words touch the lives of people on this mic device/
I firmly grasp hold of knowledge to draw the very insight/
From deep inside my mind/
Communicate the Creatorís each and every thoughts to give this type of sight/
For the blind/
I search for wisdom in the lines/
Of Scripture to understand integrity/
Sign my name on the pages of your very thoughts and morals to leave you with this type of legacy/
Make my words one with the Divine to speak life/
Start living my dreams to mold my will so you see that it will reach Christ/
I carry His light/
In my fist to spread His love to all my people/
Scramble all my thoughts into these words to provide the sense of hope to free them from the midst of evil/
I speak of Divine truth to bring the might/
Of Christ/
To the blinded/
True loveís the beauty of the heart, howís it look from where you find it