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DeepSpace5 - This Curse I Bear
(from the album The Night We Called It a Day)
© copyright 2001

i swear, i care not what the man thinks/
my plan aint paper til drips with the fruit of my lips/
yet, if i get no dap from hand clap/
from rap that i make, my tangible heart break/

with my arms wide open, i hold opponents to my creed/
in arrangement, shoplifting stolen moments that i need/
play stick ball with my chances, broke the window on a street car named desire/
parked next to the chariots of fire/

held down in this quagmire tarnishing crowns as i perspire/
dwindling empires as i plug wires to transcribe my fire/
filling ears with my word lives wrapped tight to let you describe/
the feeling through your own eyes/

and they throw their souls up in the air, cause thats the coin they like to toss/
they want life without the loss, they want christ without the cross/
pretty faces, empty inside race the runway, although some say/
gunplay move the crowd someday, by bloody sunday/

sev statik:
i dont bother writing flows about clothes and cars/
record sales is not a measure of how dope you are/
and this knowledge is what seperates us from them/
i rather snuff the page, then beat it down with my pen/

microphone testing, a blessing indeed/
i stay pressing the seed, hoping the hearts will receive/
in grounds fertile, a brown journal holding the picture/
a mixture of heart plus emotion form my lyric to your spirit/

this curse i bear, this curse i swear/
yall never know the despair between the kick and the snare/
i scream for you to wake up, but you just dont care/
you sleeping on my speaking, is my worst nightmare/

grit my teeth and close my eyes, still see the misery that kills men/
ill just take another step and draw the energy from my children/
until then, ill just feel the pain and let you hurt me/
cry my tears in a bottle, so you can drink it when youre thirsty/

inviting you to constantly listen and not just hear/
to be here where i am would cause most people to not do this next year/
for fear that nobody would listen and only sneer/
believing that your target audience wouldnt cheer/
makes you so anxious youll just stand clear/
well heres a tape and to my thoughts i hope you're near/
to my concepts please adhere your mind and life/
in the way thats the most advantageous for your to mirror/

hey man, i gotta snare and a verse where im bearing a curse/
got me wondering if smothering my kick to disperse this hi-hat/
im setting it free, its gotta be the same night i called it day/
what should i say?/

sev statik:
i write massive amounts of rhymes but the masses dont hear/
dont care about checking me out, i swear/
i be cursing my verses and these statements i walk on/
i guess my talk is too rich for these fools, with jewels in my songs/


bound by the realization of what it is that i get up for/
because its not the sun not the day/
i do it for fear that ill lose my perception in the long run/
losing the contrast proverbially of the night to the days bright sun/

a curse is squeezed in an ill verse, to a full bar purse/
i couldnt spend or bend the rhyme pattern/
tryna represent with limited content/
then vent my feelings free inside of these emcees/

see, its hard to hide the fact that its not interesting when im listening/
me a disappointment go together like cigarettes and nicotine/
and when it seems my dreams collide with a name on my place card/
ill drop below the radar, simply focus on the day star/

sev statik:
its seems to me im hated, cause i choose to be creative/
im like a leper in a town of fools/
an outcast making statements against deception/
sending all of us to hell, worshipping the image of wealth with a poor image of self/

doing work causing hurt always writing verbs/
speak absurd when you heard how i say these words/
fleshing out pounds of truth from this recording booth/
when you finally came to care about this curse i bear/