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Timothy Brindle - Ram's Horn
(from the album The Great Awakening)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1: J-Silas
16 Bars to spit with Timothy/
Dedicated to Christ, when I die remember me/
But no Glory in me, just remember my works/
And if you still think I'm prideful, then remember I'm dirt/
And you too, see through all of you people/
Discernment from reading the Greek and Hebrew/
Life in me now and I'm hatin' the evil/
But when I walk in myself I smell it like "pee-yuu"/
You understand, I'm not God I'm just a man/
If you see me shine, it's the Spirit, it's just a tan/
Too much Son, you can say I'm just a fan/
It gets hot when I'm givin' Him praise/
Out my clothes like my name was King Dave dancin' for days/
Sweat drippin'- no beat I seen people dancin' the days/
You know how 'dem saints be?!?/
We peculiar people/
Just waitin' for a peculiar sequel/
With tracks in our hands all glad to greet you/
Last dollar, we'll be glad to feed you/
Just met, and we mad to leave you/
If you saved in those gates I'll be glad to see you!/

Verse 2: Timothy
Ay Yo, J- What's the deal with cotton candy Christians/
Who demand blessings but can't stand afflictions?/
Compared to other things, they barely love the King/
They want to be like Christ but not share in His sufferings/
Receive the Savior, or you're more than flawed/
Without the Mediator, your at war with God/
So come impart with the, Humble Carpenter/
He payed the bail so why stay in jail?/
Soon He'll reveal His doom that is real/
And you'll be sliced in half by His righteous wrath/
But those choosin' to kneel, by His wounds they'll be healed/
And this life will pass when we unite at last/
The Lord is callin' me with Reformed Theology/
To warn your colony to ignore idolatry/
He's victorious, so who's the next challenger/
My Bible's sharper than your excalibur

Verse 3: J-Silas
Two of'em like Yosemite Sam/
'Was'up Doc?' Gospel-shots graze you, Holy holes in your man/
66 caliber fam', I'm dyin' to stand/
Victorious, I'll die in the stand/
To lift Elohim up, my team buck like young deer/
Wild-out for Christ, preach life with no fear!/
Pew punks hate us, we get no cheers/
Can't say I never shed no tears/
It's lost souls, I lost foes and I cried the same/
Shots took'em, now they cry in the flames/
It's no gain, it's no pain/
Like when apart from God/
I lived it breathed to death and tried/
It's suicide/
Like Anthrax, man packs death snacks/
Cuz when man acts it's like layin' on Amtrack's/
Cuz man's wack, damned to die without Christ/
In the hottest degrees with no ice, it's yo' life!

Verse 4: Timothy
Fervent Evangelism is certain to damage rhythms/
Beware the serpent is determined to keep man imprisoned/
I was wisdom less and mischievous/
Now I'm flippin' scripts from Philippians to Leviticus/
When the end is here, you'll hear the trumpeter/
But I never fear cuz I'm near The Comforter/
But some are (para)'noid because The Son destroys/
But I have abundant joy even when I'm unemployed!/
Satan is cunning- your crew is doomed in sin/
But we wait for the coming of New Jerusalem/
God's grace is sufficient, that statement's consistent/
His Creation's exquisite, He's paintin' it vivid/
Conceived by The Spirit, born with sheep in a stable/
You're completely unable to compete with His angels/
Repent and be Saved!/
There's more seats at His table/
Come feast with the faithful, you'll see us eating a plateful!

chorus: Victorious like Joshua blowing the ram's horn! (Joshua 6:5)