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KJ-52 - Back in the Day
(from the album It's pronounced Five-Two)
© copyright 2003, Uprok Records

verse one:
Back in the day when i was a teenager, before I had status and a two-way pager, u can find the k-j listening to hip-hop, blastin' it so loud my parents they be like "Turn it off" I used to rock turtle necks and M.C. Hammer pants. watch yo! MTV raps just to catch the latest dance, I did the running man and they said "not bad for a white man" I said "I'm not really white I just really need a tan" Used to write the girlies phone numbers down uppon my hand, and i didn't go nowhere without my tapes and walkman, rolling up the bottom of my pants as I can, and I'm up late at night talking to my girlfriend, saying: (dialogue

Back in the day(I was so cool)
Back in the Day(The coolest one in school)
Back in the day(Well I can't lie to you)
Back in the day(I was a nerdy little dude.

verse two:
Back in the day when I was a teenager, I wanted lines in my eyebrows so I took my razor, but I messed up and accidentaly I just shaved the, whole eyebrow off, I was like, I'm going crazy! See it was tough growing up in the 80's, but for me it was rough cuz no girls would ever date me, all the ladies i asked out was like: "Well Maybe, ur okay, but your no Patrick Swayzee." Unfortunately I think all my teachers hate me, cuz I sit in the back makin' noises like I'm crazy. But it's all gravy, In third period today I'm gonna ask out the lady, got the paper, got the pencil now, oops here I go, will u go out with me check yes or no? I'm feeling all slick when I handed her the note."I told you 10 times already "no" now leave me alone.

(repeat chorus)

verse three:
Back in the day, when I was a teenager, I was only 15 when I just found my savior, and he came in straight in my heart and changed the way, I used to live in ill behavior. See it's amazing to see my life that I just gave ya. So amazing to me, Jesus Christ you became the, Savior to me and I ain't never been the same the way I would be back in the day, it would amaze ya. But the change that I see, it was done in a major, way that would be so, that all I can do is thank ya. And everyday just for me is a new day to praise ya. Cuz you came just to be all that I need and you just made a way for, me to see so I broke it down, for you, now I'mma take you back in the day kinda like this dude...

(repeat chorus)