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Cross Movement - Holy Culture
(from the album Holy Culture)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1:
Thank God for music that we can use it to do what He said/
Deliver His word until we’re dead like two in the head/
Blue and red, white flashin’ lights light up the night/
Fiends inside of a building light up a pipe/
What do you sell? Plus you got a brother in jail?/
You would rather be there than to suffer in hell/
Come on, what do you tell kids who ask, why are we here?/
What’s up with all the drama and why all the fear?/
I always hear people talk like evil is fun, evil is good/
but what about the evil outcome?/
You know this can’t be the way, this canvas we paint/
Can’t just be blamed on the powers that be/
The artists are us, we draw what we lust/
And cause the corruption and problems we see/

All we do is pray, stay, build, chill, walk the, talk the/
Spark the Holy Culture!/
Live, give, speak with meekness… week out and week in/
Spark the Holy Culture!/

Verse 2:
Visualize this, visit these lives with such vivid design which/
of course gets distorted then vicious demise hits/
The streets will put a tear in your eye/
Life is so unproductive, you’re here then you die/
Bucks growin’ up fast pockets blow up with cash/
Can’t even read the sign that says, Slow up or crash!”/
Throw up your stash, hope that you’re the one who enjoys/
All that your hands worked for when you were employed/
You and boys have turned into you and your mens/
Time has passed you by and ruined your trends/
At two and at ten o’clock hands on the wheel/
Life is bumpy road can’t handle it still/
Manage your bills as best you can test of skill/
Without cheatin’ to get by, test of your will/
Blessing your meals, thankful that you got what you need/
Knowing that you was trippin’ your not on your dean/
Watching your seeds grow into what you forgot/
Bucking off shots on the corner clutching their crotch/
Young girls with cash proud cause they got rich quick/
But can’t even be proud of how they got it/
I know I talk like I’m old, I walk by the code/
I’ll spark up a whole generation of youth/
To tune into God, bump these tunes in your ride/
Soon we’ll be aiight long as we facin’ the truth/


Verse 3:
Sit back and try to interact with this side of the conversation/
Your job while we’re conversatin’ is to be sincerely contemplatin’/
Time is wastin’ waitin’ for legislation to pass,/
Inner-city is neglected while education is last/
Facin’ the blast of cold winds, holdin’ in heat/
Breaking ties with old friends hoping to meet/
Someone who rightly wins the title of friend/
Who can revive us and make us vital again/
But He aint hard to find, He left behind a trail of truth/
Like gold nuggets leading people to the old rugged/
Your soul loves it when you understand the situation/
We’re slaves to sin but in the day of salvation/
About facin’ is taking place and we’re making haste when/
We see the Lord and His glorious grace and/
I hate when people make decisions on religions from behind a curtain/
Flirtin’ with death when no provision has been made for/
When this life is over, that’s why I like Jehovah/
Because He makes eternal life doper/
I hope ya, don’t have to wait in vain/
Choosing the wrong one to save you in this spiritual dating game/
Ask questions, find out if the one your choosing/
Won’t have you loosing all in the name of paying dues, man/
Behind the door I choose, Elohim waits for me and my fellow team mates/
To finally meet Christ scream hello dream date/
Then live happily ever after in the after life/
Knowing that only Christ suffices as the sacrifice/
And that’s a nice way to say it but even still I bet the world won’t play it but hey/
It’ll be sweet like raisins kissed by the suns rays/
When we praise the raised Son all because the Son raised/
It’ll be sweet like raisins kissed by the sun’s rays/
When we praise the raised Son all because the Son raised/