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Cross Movement - Start Something
(from the album Holy Culture)
© copyright 2003

Címon, stand up. Get your hands up. Word up
Start something, get your heart pumpiní
Yeah, start jumpiní around if youíre under the ground
I know youíre down with this thunderous sound

Címon, stand up. Get your hands up. Word up
Start jumpiní, get your heart pumpiní
Start something. Why? The world needs what you have
Back to the lab Ďtil you master your craft. This is it

Verse One:
Iím out to destroy this track, ya boy is back
Who would think gospel tactics would employ rap but
since I know heads will enjoy that,
Iíll rock it Ďtil the wheels fall off like a Benz or a Jag
See, If I never get dough like, ďWhoa!Ē
itís cool just to know I never sold my soul
My goal is to get souls, not to go gold,
and get answers to shorty before sheís dancing go-go
and to talk to boy before they call the po-po
Or he ends up the morgue with a tag on his toe
See, if they can talk about cash and trash in their raps,
then we can talk about snatching cats out of traps!
Thatís set for your soul, letís set it and roll
Ďtill we end up in our heavenly home
Who cares about how much or whether weíve blown
itís not man but by God thatís best to be known


Verse Two:
Itís time to strike up the band, rise up and stand
and draw lines in the sands of time
we stand behind what we believe in following God
whole squad ready to die like Stephen
Whether put to death or put to the test
Beef with God? Better put it to rest!
What we kick will leave an imprint like a foot to the chest
with truth thatíll shoot through your bullet proof vest
Watch out, Heís ventingÖno! Heís vintage, like aged wine,
a sage with rhyme sentence
But since man at his core is mad hard to reach
we know the lord is using more than just parts of speech
Paragraphs paired up to smash
Heíll bring the heat open up air ducts and shafts
Who can last in the smoldering heat?
When he throws the cold shoulder at His judgment seat?
Huh? The very breath that we breath and every gift we receive
is in the palm of His hand with no tricks up His sleeve
isnít that a relief? So sit back in your seat
Kick up your feet take it in and take it back to the streets


Verse Three:
Iím in the eye of the storm, high above norm
before the Most High when I perform
an audience of One watching,
One chair, one stare hoping Heís still there when Iím done rockiní
And if Heís there then I hope that Heís pleased with me
This is not done easily, I cook mics, but the rhyme books that I write
changed since the Fatherís aim is to see Jesus Christ look-a-likes
So the more like the Son that Phanatik becomes
Thatís less laps around the track that I have to run
New character sprung, old habits get shunned
Now weíre having some fun, too bad Ďcause now the tracksí done!