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Liphe - Passion Within My Heart Pt. 2
(from the album Theories of Liphe)
© copyright 2003

Hook: (Trade off between emcees)
My words is hot/
Your words is not/
Tech-O and Soldier known to rock the spot

Verse 1: Soldier the Brainchyld
I grip the insight/
Of my mind with a fury, touch the hearts of people with the tones of noble might/
My thoughts display the fury inside/
The mind of a musician, words bring the light/
Of a revolution to astound/
The masses of the world with the phonic rhythms of sound/
I hold up my pride to speak truth/
Pour my thoughts into your heart to fill you with my minds perfection/
Clutch the wisdom of Solomon with a passion/
Step to the melodies of soul to provide the sense of hope's direction/
Understand integrity to speak life/
Zone out on each and every verse/
To reach my lost brothers and sisters for Christ/
Hold power in my fist to put my flesh in a hurse/
Learn patience to value respect, pour the depths of my soul to reach the lost/
Finding joy in the midst of pain to learn about the true hope found at the cross.


Verse 2: Tech Omega
Why is it women have sex to find love and men love to have sex/
I can never leave a queen in neglect/
My heart pumps words of respect/
In the words of the mix of the aspect/
Of the correct/
Reality check/
This music you make ain't ill/
You fake claiming you real/
You can't wait to kill/
Using fate as a wheel/
In dreams I create and build/
Upon hope in our hearts it ain't still/
How can we love and show blessin/
When we hate to see our own reflection/
Pride is no longer manifestin/
In the path we on and steppin/
Young shorties in neglection/
Confused and unhip to the direction/
We're sending hope for a religion/
The love we stop kissing/
Tears run and start drippin/
We cry for help but the brain's deaf and won't listen/
When mistakes happen and we're wishin/
Those words I hope in the end we're clickin/
I got milk, I got Christ, but I don't got beef/
I'm a soul rebel reppin for the peace/
Much love my family, and my SP, and my fallin niece/
I speak life in the words that I truly release.