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Sintax the terrific - Firefly Syndrome
(from the album Simple Moves)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1:
Yo, bear my black underbelly to the wind/
I got an itch I can't scratch between my thorax and my abdomen/
Lit my tail end with the fire to give us purpose/
But I'm cursed by this short circuit below the surface/
Nervous when I glow 'cause I always go dim/
Like the breath of a torch light suffocating without oxygen/
Wanna burn bright so the kids can catch a spark/
Illuminate the space between grace and broken hearts/
Inspire the human race to chase something set apart/
The sky of firefly as I blow by to split the dark/
But the spark fades and the blaze burns cold/
Left most of the children with nothing to hold/
Except the grip of what they thought they had caught/
but came to doubt/
I tried to firefly but in the end just flickered out/
Six limbs, two wings, one vision to shine bright/
But my city on the hill just spilled into the night

I wanna fill the sky with fire when I fly/
Higher than the heavens just a twinkle in your eye/
I walk the tight wire just to serve my own desire/
I tried to firefly but in the end just flickered out/

Verse 2:
Escape the thin pocket of air beneath my Nikes/
Might the night flicker bright to the beat of my wing flight/
Or it might just not fall off the blown spot/
Cat walk in the dark to the down beat/
To the uprock quick to the don't stop/
Talk love but spit hate/
Don't do what I wanna do with every move I make/
Cause I shake with my left and I take what I write/
Speak life with my lips but then diss on the Mic/
I'm swift to be angry but then I'm slow to be quiet/
The trouble with the puddle of my life is double sided/
So I struggle to keep the purpose of the lamp of my life lighted/
Keep this lightening bug plugged with the Christ till I'm like-minded/
Till I burn with the fire than inspires the world-wided/
And glide upon the spark of the sun till dark's blinded/
And dart till dawn upon the lawn to be reminded/
That our faith isn't gone but sometimes we can't find it/