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DeepSpace5 - The Night We Called It A Day
(from the album The Night We Called It A Day)
© copyright 2001, Uprok Records

Those who need light in they darkest hours [x 3]

Verse 1: manCHILD

When the moon shines at noontime, and the sun blazes at midnight/
Dark and light coincide, I stay inside and keep the lid tight/
Catch sight of the morning that passes by through my window/
Another child is born, another dies, and still the wind blows/
Spin slow drawn into strong voice of reason/
Standin’ in snow thinkin’ of summer,
Just longin' for another season/
Belong in no particular region, but hear I stand/
Just rocked another show, just can't remember where I am/
And my family’s far from here, but the stars are bright this evenin’/
Or this morning or this afternoon, just got here now I'm leavin’/
And I sure remember tomorrow just as clear as I do yesterday/
Never dance with the devil, cuz I can’t afford that hell to pay/
Wanna blast through your speakers every time you press a “play”/
Wanna fix your phonograph so we could set the record straight/
Dear God I pray, just let me show this world a better way/
How You helped through Your Heart all the times I fell away/
I get to say these words and speak my peace to captive crowds/
Not certain if it's day or night, but I know the time is now/
And if we ever lose the purpose as a prelude to the sound/
Lets just call it a day, and burn my empire to the ground/

Verse 2: Listener

Amazingly, the cask of amontillado Cracks wide open to vibrate your bravado/
Sewn up escape body bagger, Like I'm the count of Monte Cristo/
World tour: me ill coffee shopping And we're coming to your bistro/
We show bright when it comes to your ability/
I'll be yelling out homonyms like I dwell in possibility/
We're gonna call it a day because I know you're feeling me/
Listener, rapper, a potpourri of life/
All synonyms to cornucopia; I'm so glad you have a wife/
In this wolf-eat-salmon world You better grab swords and sell your knives/ Or you'll get chopped up by needle When it spins over to my rhyme, yo/
Rap music guys and self titled artists alike/
Please think twice before you say your things on the microphone/
I might not be, but I take it seriously/
When you really listen to the words And you're not just hearing me/

[Hook x 2]
Day and night/
Wrong or right/
Spill our guts with every breath on the mike/
And hope you call it tight/
If it's blind, give it sight/
If it's dark, make it light/
Some call it music/
Deepspace calls it life/

Verse 3: Playdough

Workin' it out, placin' my feet to concrete/
Hittin' the street with a vengeance, stench is so sweet/
But bitter we consider every circle we pass/
Probl'y the reason that I’m breezin’ through class/ So steadfast we push to find the bush that was burnin'/
Stayin’ determined and yearnin'/ Because the lessons we learnin' are life long/ It’s my song I place to erase and transpose/
All these average Joes with weak flows/
Who knows not the true an’ livin' Rose who ascended/
Blended with the beat; compete then apprehended/
Today's feelin' all right – color of nights/
Being blocked by the shock and the ray we playin’ right/
Now I've gone a full day without some wackness heard/
The ones speakin' absurd are finally heeding my word/
And now I'm left with nothing else to say/
That’d be the night that I called it a day/

Verse 4: Sev Statik

I'm gonna throw thoughts to a page/
Let 'em fall where they please/
Let 'em rise to the sky, rain down upon seeds/
An ocean of possibilities to dwell in/
Yellin' at the top of my lungs; convicted by stone tablets as a felon/
A nocturnal being of love since the dawn of time/
Watch the sunrise in both my daughter's eyes/
Permanent shine, find my reflection inside/
Livin' to die, dyin' to live, with all glory given back to God/

Verse 5: Freddie Bruno

It was the night that 24 turned into 12/
Had to dust my spiral off from the top of the shelf/
On a blank page using the utensil of potential/
I'm diggin' in my brain so I could rip the instrumental/
With 20 bars left, and I'm consistent from the intro/
Lightin’ candle sticks as the rain hits my window/
Need to focus in, take the topic and let it flow/
Got 8 down for the count with 16 to go/
The writer's blocks are stepping stones
Toward the metronome/
Erasing deadlines with headlines placed in my poem/
Nocturnal with my journal, a wordplay professor/
The aggressor, resembling soda cans under pressure/
I'm shaken but not stirred; deterred from my train of think/
Now I'm aligned; readjusted to infuse the ink/
I wanna handcuff the hands of time/
No grace period allotted for; here's the sunshine/

[Hook x 2]
Day and night/
Wrong or right/
Spill our guts with every breath on the mike/
And hope you call it tight/
If it's blind, give it sight/
If it's dark, make it light/
Some call it music/
Deepspace calls it life/

Verse 6: Sintaxtheterrific

Bet I'm casting nets that dredge the deep blue ways of wet/
God's silhouette on watered palettes painted pink by suns that set/
Burnt from a long days work, but feelin' fine/
Tip its cap and pat the moon upon its back as day declines/
Catch the light switch as you slip into the evening/
And curtsey to the sun, as it dips below the ceiling/
Feeling sorta satellite; like the wind beneath my wings/
Walk a tightrope with gravity; keep lunar kites on orbit strings/
Man on the moonlight; dream before my time/
Like the moon reflects the sun; I make the black begin to shine/
Like the moon rewinds the waters, makes the ocean recline/
I collapse your mind; I'm Sintax the melancholy kind/
Redefine the best, framed fresh in terms of holiness/
Bless the mic device, 'Cuz I get nice plus keep my conscience/
Pencils split the tense; mince words like sentence fragments/
Moon-dust the mush, 'cuz I aint' in it for the cabbage/
The incandescent crescent spits its omnipresent flame/
But my name would flicker out; my name Sintax to wax and wane/
For The Name above names, I'm so glad that Christ came/
The black burned bright the night we called it a day/

End Verse: (tradeoff between emcees)

Shadows step on the One unearthed in every tongue/
Run underneath the cover of the night-time sun/ Lungs broken and scraped; spoken on shattered breaks/
Pierce the black hole soul with my faith as I take/

Break minutes back from father time to coordinate seconds/
I surround the 11th hour with sound as my weapon/

Feelin’ threatened coz they sweat the syndrome of the wicked/
Heading for your auditory where the Listener would stick it/

Fix it with skill when it breaks from the construction/
Crushing your framework and far surpassing your presumption/

Sunrays buy your score; Wind notes my surface sings/
Grey matter meteors on “record” for Elohim/

And when the sun sets some one lets the mike down/
We pipe down, unplug it and leave it tied down/
But not before we retire the pen/
Knowin’ tomorrow we'll be back just to do it again/

Shackled and scarred/
I still maintain my phrase on dark days/
A sullen world covered in pain/
So from dusk 'till dawn I represent his word/
Deepspace 5: said to serve/
We travel in the sands of the lost and we understand/
We battle with the possible chance/ We take the cross on your block/
In your speakers dues is paid/
We out for a change in the night we called it a day/

Those who need light in they darkest hours [x 3]