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Liphe - One True Dedication Pt. 2
(from the album Tones of Noble Might)
© copyright 2003

Iím dedicated/
To the Most High/
To speak this type of life/
Daily on this struggle to show this type of sight/
Speak the truth to all my people so they can see the light.

Verse 1:
I build my type of train of thought with this type of passion/
Speak to people in the form of this type of my rapping/
My life displays the everlasting/
Light of Christ/
Words touch the lives of people on this mic device/
I firmly grasp hold of knowledge to draw the very insight/
From deep inside my mind/
Communicate the Creatorís each and every thoughts to give this type of sight/
For the blind/
I search for wisdom in the lines/
Of Scripture to understand integrity/
Sign my name on the pages of your very thoughts and morals to leave you with this type of legacy/
Make my words one with the Divine to speak life/
Start living my dreams to mold my will so you see that it will reach Christ/
I carry His light/
In my fist to spread His love to all my people/
Scramble all my thoughts into these words to provide the sense of hope to free them from the midst of evil/
I speak of Divine truth to bring the might/
Of Christ/
To the blinded/
True loveís the beauty of the heart, howís it look from where you find it?


Verse 2:
The way that I move is precise/
I search for wisdom in the Scriptures to find my One and True Christ/
My words set the foundation of life/
Thoughts touch the minds of people with this type of sight/
I put my soul into each and every track to preach the gospel to the lost/
Study Scripture to find joy in the midst of pain, learning about the true hope found at the cross/
I look towards the Son to see the beautiful truth in His face/
Christ is the bread of life but you rejected His grace/
Iím here to speak for life/
I push my pen to write/
Step into the minds of people with the type of words that I recite/
I speak of true peace to my people so they can see the light of life/
Couldnít see life through the eyes of the flesh so I found this type of sight in Christ/
I canít here your words (why) cuz what you speak of is not true/
So I reach out to all my people with the words that will truly touch you.