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Dynamic Twins - Mission
(from the album Word to the Wize)

Hold the heavy artillery
Bring in the melody
The Microphone and Bible is all I really need to go in the frontline
Fight principalities
Bring back reality
Is my mentality
Satan is on a trip
He's got a grip of souls
I got the sword to break the stronghold
God took me
Made me the way I'm supposed ta'
Mold me
Shaped me out came a soldier
Placed me on a mission in a world that's dark
Just to spread light with the words of life
So we made up a game plan just to swipe the land
Lift up
Give praise to the Son of Man
Kicking up the sound
Goin' town from town
Where there's a sin abounds grace will more abound
Allways on the move spreading the good news
Breaking the curse that lies on this earth
Taking our demons anyway they come
I got authority Luke 9:1
Alright I'm ready
I hold the microphone real steady
My B-I-B-L-E is my machete and when I see satan I'll cut him into confetti
No good counterfeit
Deceivable low down brat
I'n not diggim but he deserves a smack
Always kills an' deceives but Jesus took the keys from his grip
Now I'm set free
Def rhymes I'm bringing
Angels are singing
Packed and strapped to bring down the kingdom of Satan
Where ever I go the boy trembles
Orders simply crush and disassemble
As my Lord leads me I keep in motion
On the streets or in concert
Making demons all scatter away
That's how I'm livin' Jack
Sunday I chill and relax
Praise the Lord
Then head back to attack
Time is wasting
So I'm hasting
To make my proclamation
To a dying nation
Know what I'm saying
We're on a Mission

Listen to those who wordly possess
Step in the way it'll be a heavenly mess
I get radical
Yes I'm fanatical
When it comes to rebuking demons I'm not dramatical
Satan is foolin'
He's been pulling the wrong cord
Watch and see
He'll flee by the taste of my sword
He tries to come slick with his tricks
But I'll come quick and I'm swift
Cause I'm fully equipped with the Word of God
Comming forth like a strong storm
As I flow on demons
Can't hold
It's much too powerfull
Much too powerfull
Much too greater
Much too big
Try to mess
You'll get snapped like a twig
Don't try to mess
As this boy flows out
I'm that Christian Satan warned you about
Got my blade on my side and I'm ready to swing
Down to bring the truth as I sing
Here I come
Here I come with grace
In your with the bass
That'll shake the place
Grip the mic
Like I hold Satan's neck
Pump the truth to the youth
AS I say mic check
It's my duty to reach those that's been side tracked
Fell to the wayside
Now called captives
Got my troop
Standing firm
Going out by faith
Trained up
Prayed up
To rush hell's gate
Stomp the enemy camps like ants
As I go to work just give me the mic
And increase the hertz
And watch me blow like a can of raid
Demons run when the gospel get sprayed
Causing much static in the spiritual realm
That's where the war is at
And I'm in all that
See a demon
I'll beat em'
Bleed em'
And leave em'
See the lost and I'll greet em'
Then leed em' to freedom
Run to an ambush
All you'll hear is this
That's Satan getting dissed
Planting a seed where there's a need
Comming straight up bold
To save a soul
No half steps when I get on the set
I'm a child of God
So to Satan I'm a threat
Got my gear
Now I'm headed for the war zone
Just bringing the righteous home
Singing glory glory victory is won
There's no stopping till the job get's done
We're on a Mission