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DeepSpace5 - Elementary
(from the album The Night We Called It A Day)
© copyright 2001, Uprok Records

DeepSpace5 Ė Elementary
Track 3 of 15 ~ Producer: Freddie Bruno
from the album ďThe Night We Called It a DayĒ
© copyright 2001 Uprok Records

Verse One: Sintax [hydrogen]

Just another one of Godís little building blocks I guess/
Do my best to bail out my chest,
My back to bake your progress/
I can only guess what I might be when I grow up/
Maybe saturate the Earth if me and oxygen hook up/
Maybe fuel a rocket ship so that kids can learn to dream/
Got fire in my bones and so Iím prone to blow off steam/
Iím the breath of the sun, from its lung to far flung/
Got isotopes to poke fun and compounds to become/
But wait, what have you done? Feel the burn that overcomes/
In the plume of my cloud; death to bloom so well endowed/
Just to shake the earth apart you plan to make my heart to break/
Scorch the Earth and burn my memory with the lives you made me take/
Coz Iím hydrogen, heaven or hell within my walls/
Hold my breath and seek peace each time humanity calls/

And you can call it elementary
Blend with symmetry
Periodically we all come together
Like it was meant to be

Verse Two: Listener [carbon]

Through the pressure, I take what you give me and create diamonds/
Shining when the smoke clears from all the violence/
Choking out life when itís begging with arms open/
Sneaking out lungs suffocating without holding/
Punishing brain cells when I speak my straight prose/
Say how Iím taking O2ís innocence as I boast/
Rain on the aftermath like cold wind in the desert/
To send chemical baths starting your growth spurt/
Drafting out plans to deliver the right reason/
Stifling life and changing with all seasons/
Iíll be the carbon copy, graphite and on paper/
Crystallizing oxygen that burns into vapor/

Verse Three: manCHILD [neon]

Yo, my very presence is a beacon speaking through the dark/
Hearkening hardened hearts and those so far apart to step inside/
And my reason for being is just to shine bright, and thatís my right/
But evil men confine me to bar signs and steal my limelight/
So many find sight beneath my reds, blues and greens/
Love, brawls, crime-scenes amongst the many things that Iíve seen/
When Iím large on Broadway, main attraction type of program/
My trance will pacify and catch your eyes like butterflies/
Wonder why under my glow all the hookers look so pretty/
Yo I guess all the time they sit with me from here to Sin City/
I see past them as they please on the street corners where they work/
I illuminate so bright, I see they souls and they hurt/
I seen adulterous affairs in all the motels where I work/
I might burst into tears if I donít die laughing first/
My name is neon; I glow, I flash, I dim, I flicker/
I hypnotize the world with some words in a picture/

Verse Four: Freddie Bruno [lead]

The dark matter that canít be created or destroyed/
Existed when time began as a pointless void/
At the ignition of gunpowder I become airborne/
And reconfigure anatomy like I was Liz Claiborne/
A non-malleable metal that covers your date/
Iím the impeccable toxin on your china in place/
Iíve been a prisoners accessory from armory to weaponry/
Paperweight to deadweight to keys to treasuries/
Iím a guide to magnetism, a basis for stationary/
A library of rudimentary sound queries/
Profound theories and my series of relevance/
Seated at the table of periodic elements/

Verse Five: Playdough [carbon dioxide]

From outskirts of outbursts before shouts burst/
You must intake whatís emitted from the plants and the trees/
Me, Iíve been around and pounded by the lung/
Responsible for breath control on songs sung/
The final exhale for the lives that diminish/
To the last push on Christís words when it was finished/
From obscure to the obvious/
I obtained and occupy this whole sky/
My oh my I fly, but offhand
Itís odd I could sink the mighty men, me and hydrogen/
Make it official we combine for the ocean/
And I send the oscillating breeze so please/
I outlast and outshine while youíre outlined in some chalk/
I just walk through orbit, the rest of them forfeit/
Iím outward searching for some lungs for courtship
So you could abort ship and scorch it/
Then I most enjoy when hearts overflow,
Coz I supply the fuel for songs to overthrow/
The flesh we override, itís best to coincide/
With the One who that you, so we flow through with O2.

HOOK [x4]:
[And] you can call it elementary
Blend with symmetry
Periodically we all come together
Like it was meant to be

12.14.03 Ė pounded down by the hand of me
[estimated accuracy 97% +- 2%]