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SafaK AkA GetBlaster One - Without Love
(from the album Geen)
© copyright 2003, SpL Productions

with out love

i become a man with out love
growed in the projects husseling the bad stuff
but what could i do i dident know differents between bad en good
i m only a withniss of this society what can i do

it"s only about the doo people acting like a ho
but before they know pow pow put them down to the floor
this the way it goes it shows how life can be hard
but in this world jou must be smart to put up a bieusnes card

i m gonna fly they told me ride or die
this the only way we ride
with no love ore strings attacht
against all odds i m gonna put up my gap
i will shoot you flat

because i aint looking when i m fucking blaaasting
cause i blast with a fucking paaassion.

and when am done i put u in a trashcan
and leave you to the five o comes and put a researh on your ass
but till then il be done and will be gone
solong you fucking bith hold up your cascet and will be rich
i don t have to be a snith just like jou
im like a tiger open your head like 2pac in open fire.

you don t have to be scared but look out for your back
becouse i will clap back
and put a fo fo cap in your head
with a smile il walk back

safak aka getblaster one

Mijn 1e engese rhyme even snel gefreestyled Of NIET !!! :D
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