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Crosspoets - FreeSTYLZ

insane comes from the Bain, but not quite. Redeemed
from the fiend brought into the light. Despite the
Devil's attempts to hold me down. He lost again
.......... nuff said, to sin I'm dead filled temptation full
of lead. Or more like a sword, called the word (look it
up.) But I better stop this freestyle before I fill the
cybercup full of funky Christian flows, slows the
secular to a halt. They stop to listen but it surley ain't
my fault. (I thank God) I was gifted with this blessing
lifting minds and moving thoughts. Restructuring
perspectives, to form a collective of brothers we call
the CrossPoets. Many are the people that get caught
up in the web. But few find the str8 and narrow going
for the broad instead. Just in case you didn't know
the reason for these funky hypes. The answer will
astound,no perplex
because it's CHRIST