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Timothy Brindle - Bondservants
(from the album The Great Awakening)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1:(timothy)
We're declared Justified/
Christ must have died
For our lust and pride so we could clutch the prize/
Disgusting guys thrust His side/
With a customized, busted, rusty knife/
He was a victim of mockery afflicted, socked and whipped/
(He) fulfilled Scriptures' prophecy/
He sat in the penalty box for me/
He steadily watches the enemy cautiously/
Instead of Him telling me "cop a plea"/
He settled the cost, my felony's dropped- I'm free!/
So hug the Highness for His lovingkindness/
Because of the Cross, now our crud's behind us/
They punished Him first, He was led to slaughter/
I hunger and thirst for His bread and water/
You and I are hyped to be crucified with Christ/
Who resides inside us, shining a truly guiding light!/
Chapter 35 of Isaiah told me this/
The Messiah is the "Highway of Holiness"/
He dissolved and He cleaned my grossly and rotten tongue/
It's for all who believe- The Only Begotten Son/
but you wrap your ears so you don't have to hear/
But you cats will fear when He cracks the atmosphere/
I pray to the God of Abraham/
That He could use this blazing jam to maybe save a man

We're Bondservants of Christ/
For God's purpose in Life/
To Spread the Gospel/
This squad worships with mics/
Jesus Saves- we've seen His ways/
If you've been redeemed, then Scream this Praise/

Verse 2:(shai linne)
I'd rather be a janitor in God's house than a prince on this earth/
The more I think on Christ, the more that I'm convinced of His worth/
Ever since the New Birth things haven't been quite the same/
Holy Spirit, please light the flame/
Feed the starved and parched Your Word carved in parts/
As I aim these sharpened darts at hardened hearts/
With pinpoint accuracy/
Unfathomably, God became a man and took the wrath that was actually for me!/
But He stood in my place/
I'm immaculate and free because He took my disgrace/
Lyrical kids who storm tracks- I was once on that/
But now I strictly form raps to warn cats/
About the coming wrath of the Holy One/
Run in the path of His Only Son/
Or get cut in half by the smoking gun/
That's aimed at your soul/
Behold, the Main Factor/
Jehovah- fame snatcher/
Potentate, Master/
Of Sacred data that's making Satan madder/
God-haters splatter under the weight of Jacob's ladder/
Because sin's cost is incomprehensible/
When caught in the jaws of the Invincible/
Boss and Principal whose Laws are sensible/
By contrast, our ways are insane/
The Cross is the pinnacle/
While time lasts, we're making it plain


Verse 3: (shai linne)
God is closer than He appears/
like the objects in a side-view mirror/
I'm hear to provide you clearer/
Insight as I write in a candle-lit room/
Of how Christ took flight and abandoned the tomb/
It's bad to assume you understand- imagine your gloom/
When you see the Son of Man in His majesty suit/
His control is absolute He lets the twilight shine
And His Holy attributes stretch the finite mind/
He shines above with His Godly essence/
Divine Love and Omnipresence/
Infinitely Just, which means danger for the lost/
Intimate with us 'cause Jesus took His anger on the cross/

So let's begin the feast with the Prince of Peace/
In the Kingdom we can sing him hymns with beats/
His Name is matchless/
He gave us tactics/
To proclaim Him like that famous baptist/
His throne stands the strongest/
He owns the promised land/
He's so grand and honest/
He broke hands from bondage/
I hope man's acknowledged what the chosen Lamb accomplished/
So let's serve in His likeness/
I fervently write this/
God put on armpits and lived perfectly righteous/
There's a tabernacle in my Adam's apple/
Jesus won the war, so we don't have to battle

We're Bondservants of Christ (Gal. 1:10)
For God's purpose in Life
The lost search for the light
This squad worships with mics
Jesus Saves- we've seen His ways
If you've been redeemed, then Scream this Praise!