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Sev Statik - All For A Purpose
(from the album RingLeader)
© copyright 2003, DJ Maj

(version on DJ Maj's "RingLeader")

Verse 1:
I have no choice but to speak life - at this table - bring it live/
Cuz iím able and called to switch your lies/
And I must multiply light to even the score/
Poor my heart out for the lost and mourn all torn metaphors/
And restore this land here before us - architects to build/
And fill the void left to just rot away so wordplay refines/
With a finishing touch to shine/
Ten times purified in the fire of life of constant change/
I got a gang of words to serve any blank page/
A mesenger on a hidden path for slaves upon the clock/
Strikes midnight - transform - mid flight/
Takiní my stance as I reach my goal and flow melodies/
Of truth in verbal codes/
Makiní my way from sullen caves so my days/
Illuminate my soul about to raise.

All I gotta do is follow that voice inside/
A choice made with no compromise/
All the way live every line focused on service/
Nouns and verbs hit - all for a purpose/

Verse 2:
Before I even beginí to think - on the content I wanna send out/
I bind all negative feelings/
Reeliní inside of me that I let society plant/
A harvest of lies sewn to deceive my camp/
They wanna - take me down so keep falliní when I wake/
Make no mistake - I felt the fire of lust - in time and space/
No broken - spoken to outlast these fools that be speakiní on loud blasphemy/
And as for me - drastically - measures are drawn/
To secure that blessiní hidden in mic cords/
I explore the other side first - works of men have no chance to contend with this verse/
A champion on collision courses - of course it was never in me to forfeit/
Until I heard the Lord spit - some wisdom/
I was one victim wrong tree - wrong fruit - but I still pickedíem