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Holy Eyes - God's Child
(from the album Het Vuur en de Phoenix)
© copyright 2003, Holy Eyes

It takes time for every man to explain who he is. If I would say everything I do or
stand for it would be a long list, but this is the essence:
G-o-d the One and only who taught me my lessons. He's my father don't even
bother to come between us. If you were wise you could tell by my eyes that I mean this. A queen is a queen and a king is a king but being God's child is higher than everything. So no matter what the world thinks my friend, I found my identity with Him, even I cannot understand-He didn't let go of my hand-even
when I messed up. He was always there to care, in fact boy-He is love!
So here's to us: a jam from the heart. Being a child of God is not an ending
but a start.

I am a child of the Promise, believer of the prophets-not a protestant or a
catholic, so come off it!
Labels are so trifle, I don't care what you call me, I hold on to the Bilble-
The whole of it and not just a part of it and you may quote any of the lines I
spit. I studied all the Evidence that demands a Verdict and found the truth:
Trust in the Lord in my youth and grow wise as he guides.
Christ Jesus came to bring the ruckus-truth is never easy, and fire will divide
us, enlight us.
If G-d is in our hearts, then satan can't even bite us.
We need keys and answers-not fools that lock us. Knock us down to steal
our crown from us.
Who is with Jesus is a royal of holy order-not a sheep just prepped for the
slaughter, but a citizen of a kingdom without border.

*No stand still not realise what you got-
We got the power to be children of G-d!

*Oh Lord-you fill me my heart,
Called me from the coldest dark.
You gave me your Spirit,
From the start-now, we will never part!