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Holy Eyes - Sativa on the mic
(from the album Het Vuur en de Phoenix)
© copyright 2003, Holy Eyes

We're gonna start a party in here-I wanna see some hands in the air-
Did I make myself clear? Oh-well excuse me. I didn't mean to be rude.
I just got dragged along beccause it sounds so good.
We should inform you: the sound is not for relaxing. If you want to you
can get a part of the action. Me and my man be into teaching lessons
and right now we show you how to jump around to mic-checking.
You need to use your feet to get off the ground and back again.
I'll be like cheese and windmills-from the Netherlands.
Intense is how we freak the flow-and like Humpty-Hump I got tha biggest
nose and I smell a funky party going on right now-I'll be getting on down
like Krusty the clown. Acting kinda crazy when I rock it-and what about
the track son?
Don't even stop it!
Coz I like to come correct with that boom bap stuff and like Action Hank
I like to play it ruff.
Oooh-nuff said, time for my man to kick it in-I'm losing my breath, can
you please begin?

I want my faith to be stronger than Goku-converted like MOTU(mark of the unicorn:pro audio equipment)
Bad meaning good like master Windu-y'all can't judge me, don't know what
I've been through. Go on, cast your stone if you don't do sin too.
Can't feel the culture and the way that we rock it? Then I understand
your hands is stuck straight in your pockets.
What are you diggin' for? Some dope? Or your wallet? Don't you know our
words is worth more than your ducats?
Wisdom is the Sum of all Tears, that's how we bring lessons on:
In Chewbacca's bandolier. A balladeer, painting clear like Belvedere.
I bet Uncle Will(Shakespeare) would be thrilled to be here.
He write poems in the back, knowing it's a fact:
You can't run from the real On the Road like Kerouac(writer).
Where you at? Coz all my peoples know: not all 'messiahs' come back,
not all that glitters is gold!

*My mic has a fever, a recurring will,
Feeding on thought that preserve the ill,
We got the nerve to kill-innocent mics,
The dark tide we fight with the strength of dykes.

Well, if you're not at home in hiphop, take your listening position in.
If you're down with it? Then here it is again.I rise slightly above the mic-
to show you disciplin. The hope I feel again.
When I look into a crowd who just love this art-form, The energy of positivity
and creativity-now that's hardcore, we just want more.
Pureness of heart that's the meaning of raw!

Holy Eyes with the program from tha Lowlands, the Old World got romance
An honour code like 40 Ronins. From Utrecht to Hengelo-we make the
words flow like the light from stroboscopes.
Staccato-and rhymetopics impasto. Impossible rows of words on canvas yo!
The world is my cloth, miking my thoughts. I got my weapon ready, so throw
me a glove! My name is William, giving roof like a thatcher.
I got the weak covered, change career and become a fletcher.
Yea, it wrecks ya like the Lord of the Rings. On point we spit things like
arrows of Elvenkings.
Like angelwings, protecting the Chosen, depending on G-d, His love is all
we boast in. We flow the most in the light of Earendil.
The true Morningstar got a lot of souls to fill!

Ha! Kore wa Shinsei na me no atarashi album. Mosukoshi fat hiphop game
gambatte! Sayonara, mata ne!
(This is Holy Eyes' new album. More fat hiphop game, do the best we can-
see ya later, bye!)