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Holy Eyes - Urban Bushidou
(from the album Het Vuur en de Phoenix)
© copyright 2003, Holy Eyes

tageblazer, old ager-but not bent. Always eloquent, heavensent. Ready to discuss politics with presidents and worldleaders. You know that I mean this,
just read my eyes. Battle me to your own shame and early demise.
I earned my wings like the pilot of Honneamise (anime-about a man's idealism
to get into space where he experiences the inequity of man opposed to the perfection of G-d) Orbital around the planet, with a message.
In the end soft water wins from granite or concrete. It means I don't have to be
hard or ruthless to each. I'll be truthful and render opposition speechless. Only if you need this. Heed this. Just words-conveying a world of thought.
A universe of hurt-scarier than a night on the Event Horizon (either the space phenomenon or the ship from the SF-flick with the same name).
Be intelligent! Or we'll lose hiphop like we lost the bison (Chiu manito tankha obua chi-Dances with Wolves).
What was lost once-is so hard to retreive, even when you believe (Prince of Egypt). On the eve of civilization, downfall? or new creation?

*I keep my leds peaking, always tight on the One-
Come on, confident like Alpha Gandam. (Anime-fighting mecha robots)

I learn filosophy with more velocity than Velociraptor. To capture audience in
city auditoriums. On collisseum floors. My head bangin' on closed doors-
harder than Pachycephalosaur (dinosaur with bony dome on top of the head)
When he roars. More dangerous than nine Nazgul that cross the fore-even plus
one more! (Lord of the rings-Wraithkings)
Sleepin' on the job? Never-I do my chores: on course!
When I speak up and open volumes, answer questions and melt problems.
I pop 'em with a poem, I rope 'em with my lines. Learning to be wise to serve as
a guide.
Straighten up and fly right! You might even miss like a plane landing in the mist In the midst of mountains-or urban surroundings-filled with the pounding of drums. On every corner a war with tongues as guns. Sharp as the paper on
wich they write rhymes: like they can't tell time or grasp the signs.
I'm on of the knights that shines in armor.
On black horses. Well-bred black Arabians. I'll ride forever like red suit Canadians-fly forever like angels or aliens...

*(Spoken word)

When concrete ignites and turns into a jungle-
hustlers and drummers come out, tryin' to make a bundle.

The abundace abides-
Win, loose and hide-
When concrete turns into a jungle.

Pick one or take all when you win you may stall-
The coming of the end and live another day.
Coz if you got nothing-
you got a lot to hide but nothing to pay-
and no tears to cry.

The abundace abides-
Win, loose and hide-
When concrete turns into a jungle.

(This is what happens at 'Hoog Catharijne'-a shopping mall in Utrecht,
Holland-not New York.)