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Holy Eyes - Hell is surrender
(from the album Het Vuur en de Phoenix)
© copyright 2003, Holy Eyes

Hell is surrender:do not give up!
Hell is surrender:don't let your head drop!
Hell is surrender:do not give up
keep a straight spine and your mind on the spot.

If hell is surrender, then giving up is dying.
But I can see you're a contender,
'coz you know there ain't no trying!
There ain't no hiding from the dream that you got
it seems like a lot to live for the cause.
And it's never enough
and it's ever so rough, the road that you chose, now be clever and tough.
Did you know that a rock can be splintered by frost? Water is soft, but just
needs a weak spot. Like rust eats a Porsche
it looks neat, but rots.
Plan the course of your actions,
then you'll know what it costs!

Yo-I'm Processing data like a pentium, what keeps me going is knowing that
it can be done. So here I sit now with all my school-books.
I'd rather shoot some hoops, but no-this is what I gotta do:
Pull myself together and be a man
knowing that for ever I am part of a plan.

I'm a reasonable writer coz I write reasons.
For you to use your mind and to keep believing in something greater.
Spit my vision on the mic when the dj is on the fader
to reality is where I take ya.
So giving in is like you don't want to live again.
And not giving up takes a lot of disciplin.
Don't let the sun go down and let the hell begin
you need to shine your light
and set your mind to win!

Like the beat finally tells me to fill in
I got a goal in my heart and I keep on
going. Need to go in the dirt to find the gem, even though it hurts you know
I'll do it again!
Whatever it takes
'coz my will won't bend
break stones and stakes for the
sake of man. Don't take a stand, but keep a steppin'.
It's all about action and making things happen!

*Find out what it takes to chase your dreams,
seize the day and don't stay asleep
who knows what you can achieve?
So let this crew help you believe.

Fillin' all the verses-a package for passion.
If you listen on the surface you get only a fraction.
UnRAP the text, son (see the poetry)-see if this art is real!
Clear like Vermeer by sonnetteers of steel.
The higher the stakes, the more fakes get killed.
Ambition without vision makes your score nihil! Let the stores be filled
with this hiphop-hope coz it's all dope.
For the ones who will grow and still know: you will eat what you mow.
Keep your eyes on your goal and your mind on your soul.
Never forget-where you REALLY want to be.
Never loose track and best grief
only brief over lost battles.
Don't give up for gold shackles
don't settle for livin' like a slave.
When your ransom is paid a free man is born today!
All the demons that hold you run in Jesus' name.