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DeepSpace5 - Universal
(from the album DeepSpace5 EP)
© copyright 1998

Verse 1: manCHILD
I write rhymes on skylines for the entire world to see/
Bounce signals off satelites so you communcate with me/
Battle heads in morse code if thats they want to swing it/
Study hebrew in case an Israeli emcee wants to bring it/
I think its vital for me to be where you're at/
So let me know and I'll be there with the lion share in fact/
I might send faxes to the masses or ask the world about its axises/
Call the dude at IRS so we can talk about my taxes/
Ask the bed about its mattress the desert about a cactus/
Met a lawyer on the ave. and we spoke about his practice/
Establish common ground advantage boundaries completely/
So I'm allowed the time to speak that El-Hion completes me/
Thats exactly what we do through hip-hop keep it relavent/
Life change as the evidence of the cat track president/
Its the mutli-directional mic professional/
Bring healing to your people like Marvin Gaye to the sexual/
Able to wax intellilectual on any given occasion/
Speak simple and slow with the means of communciation/
Freestylin intregration with no sessions of rehearsal/
While you try to keep it real yo we keep it universal

Its soulheir with illtripp and listener fron the labklik/
Sending sound waves to each demographic/
Grammatically magicak from beginning to the end/
Rhyming our way into the minds of all men/

Verse 2: Illtrip
My physical nature escapes descripition by pen-n-paper/
Invade the lions den to pull off another spiderman caper/
Peter Parker marvel at my shape shift techniques/
I take note but still spit the truth when i speak/
So what you thinkin' where you represent/
I've gone where you're at and been where you've went/
I talk any word calculus with mathematicans/
And insist on playing tricks pawn professional magicans/
Write meaningful manuscripts on parachment scrolls/
With ancient hieroglyphs debated hip-hop/
With half of the sources contributed list/
Its all the same I found if you listen you learn respect given respect/
Compared to Mother Teresa people say I'm concerned/
This soulslinger is back plug the mic in the four track and rap/
To reach people you got to speak the way they comprehend/
Labklik worldwide means to an end


Verse 3: Listener
As an emcee I look into your eyes and see how you see/
I hear your raps and i resay what you want to say/
Analyze your mind just to see what I find/
Just to come out ahead of the average head/
You wanna sleep i bring the ruckus/
Bring the vocals bring the ruckus take the beats don't try to duck us/
(intolates?) words from listen to/
Make you think about what you do on this (refu?)/
Never should have even made this a part time past time/
From each line you shutter and every truth that I utter/
I come out 20 times to your 2 or 3 and you say you're happy/
You ain't even started when I was in this whole-hearted/
And now you're too big to listen to a guy like me and too proud/
I'm the nice one even though I might say it loud/
I won't be the one to battle you embrass you in front of your crowd/
I'll just listen and bring your peace of mind to your space of time/
Even though I can't stand your lines of rhyme