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Liphe - Mic Supreme
(from the album Theories of Liphe)
© copyright 2001

(written and recorded in 2001)

Verse 1: Tech Omega
I donít want a Ja-Rule, J-Lo collabo/
Or Nelly thatís crack yo/
Like Whitneyís life on track yo/
Tech-O sticks to rap yo/
Spittin the black flow/
Back to back when I go/
Track we kats wit a rapping flow/
You like that soul/
I speak with mics no gats/
To show up bust kats/
That blow up blacks yo/
I stick with the facts yo/
My words is blessin/
Verbal weapon like sex in less than .3 seconds with Lil Kim and no protection/
Christ gave the lesson/
Yes in Yes in/
Iím on the mic supreme testing/
And stressing/
When I spit a verse/
Lyrics disperse/
Mainstream I kick and disperse/
Autograph another quick curse/
Never forget worse comes to worse/
For my people I spit first/
I got my mic iron bladed/
Fight demons my pen created/
Donít you hate it/
My pen and pad making time to face it/
One leave your brain obliterated/
Death and you now related/
Chase wanna hit take my success/
But we bless/
Heart from the chest/
Moving through the stress/
Thatís how I became the test/
Fight those non believing/
Struggle with mics is the meaning/
Seeing between/
In what I be speaking/
Iím mic supreme.

Hook: Tech Omega
Mic Supreme/
Tech-O Dynamics Mic Supreme/
WFC Mic Supreme/
Besta highlight this time/
Cuz you know we mic supreme.

Verse 2: Dynamics
A mental slave jackled by the chains of ignorance/
All to have meaning in your life thatís lost significance/
Search for the truth only to find confusion/
Reality is that the truth is only an illusion/
Mentality of a madman with no conscience/
Fury and frustration focus the lines of my content/
Serious to the point of extreme panic/
The finest science of the man named Dynamics/
Mentally the combination of the nine planets/
Intellectual capacity is gigantic/
Volcanic describes my vocal eruption/
Lyricists and the mastermind behind production/
Snares and kicks basslines samples crisp/
Snares and kicks basslines samples crisp/

Hook: Dynamics
Mic Supreme/
Dynamics Soldier Mic Supreme/
WFC Mic Supreme/
Besta highlight this time/
Cuz you know we mic supreme.

Verse 3: Soldier the Brainchyld
Ayo! Girls admire/
My skills more beautiful than sapphire/
Which makes fake emcees drop out and retire (Dennis and Nosay thatís yíall two)/
Cuz they miss lifeís issues stuck in the world engulfed by fire/
By the wickedness of mankind and the richest the acquire/
They expire to a world of sin missing something higher/
So my goal is to inspire men and build my empire/

Your just a wack emcee/
My goal is to transpose emcees/
With food for thought spoken through my legacy/
My odyssey/
Is to be the illest but I still keep my integrity/
I rep Christ, the underground, and the mic supremity.

Hook: Dynamics
Mic Supreme/
What you know about this tight team/
WFC Mic Supreme/
Besta highlight this time/
Cuz you know we mic supreme.