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Cross Movement - Free
(from the album Holy Culture)
© copyright 2003

I wanna know if you wanna know which way to go,
it's a narrow road, and if you carry loads, you can be set free
I don't care about the car you drive... are you alive?
This is do or die, so you and I need to be totally free

Verse 1:
Who you wanna be like, a man or woman with vision to see right?/
Do you have any passion to be right, or be light?/
Shinin' like you're a diamond or would it be tight/
To roll with a cat, who holds a gat and lets the weed light?/
Quick to brawl and get involved in a street fight/
Quick to ball, forget it yall, he's enthralled with street life/
He's gotcha thinking that he's hype but these type/
Never sleep tight they stay awake countin' the sheep, right?/
He's got the sweet life? Please! "Sike!"/
He's phony, he's really lonely that's why he clubs every week night/
He can't handle the storm, he's like a cheap kite/
He need's Christ, he's the opposite of Levite:/
Unholy and a contradiction like "FREE PRICE,"/
Blind as a bat or better yet blind as three mice/
Either way you look at it the crooks get it,/
Don't look at me like I'm pathetic, the Book said it!


Verse 2:
Do you wanna be the kind of sis' that does work with a kiss/
Workin' her hips, and gotta use a skirt and a twist/
I'm certain of this, love's what you're searchin' for, Miss/
But earth's an Abyss so that love you're certain to miss/
‘cause most guys from birth, grow to be guys that flirt/
Putting sweet lies to work so as to disguise the purp(ose)/
Which is to shoot the gift, just to get you to shift/
Your views cause if he can make you switch/
He's got the tools to get in the "skins,"/
You know that that's been the trend/
Why would he get a wife when he can just get a "friend,"/
and with a little gin after a spin in the Benz/
With some R&B he can "hit" again and again/
I know it's sort of bugged but now I'm sailing on the waters of/
Experience, I know a wife and a daughter's love/
So I'm up on things that pertain to "dime pieces"/
My mind reaches to share things that remain after my rhyme ceases/
Let him keep the cheese, never let him eat for free/
Let him meet your needs and never let him sleep and leave/
God's plan is that you marry so the creep must cleave/
And learn about a woman's worth like Alicia Keys/
Dudes and dudettes should both do that/
So I'm exposing this like film when light gets to it/
You need to learn about the way the righteous do it/
You gotta see what life looks like when Christ gets to it.


I wanna know if you wanna know (which way go?)/
People, it's a narrow road (it's His way or no!)/
There's too much weight on ya (dude, can't ya see?)/
You need truth dropped straight on ya (so you can be free!)/

Verse 3:
This is a call to introspection/
Some interjection into men's perspect/
Since God calls them into question,/
All their mindsets and their behavioral patterns/
"I gave you a pattern,” He says, “but I'm afraid you're an Adam.”/
So you're made in a manner that we called depraved and this grammar/
It’s just a big word to describe that you're enslaved and you cannot/
Find the power to even do the good you desire/
That's even bugged that's like trying to match the good with Empire/
[‘Cause] we're the dark-side/
Life is rougher and tougher than shark's hide/
We walk by dissin' the same God who on the cross died/
For once we need a people with vision that’s Cross-eyed/
So we can focus on where hope is with our jaws wide open/
Man, I be hoping all people will all cry out/
To the Savior cause the Judge ain't lettin' y’all slide/
'Cause He's the Love Boat now but I panic/
'Cause y’all don't understand that He'll be the Titanic/
And take under, some men with [a] great thunder/
He's the great wonder, shunnin’ Him’s the great blunder/
See it's costly, while y’all see the floss,/
We see what God sees, that it's awfully fake like false teeth/
Whether legit or the fast route, when you cash out/
You'll see that "Ice" is like Frosty in the glass house/
And beauty is vain, won't truly remain,/
You act like you'll be the same, imagine you with a cane/
Or you with a chain rusted, or you with the pains of time/
Doing the same of what it's done to every human who came before/
Now how would that be? My point exactly, nuff said, come on and be set free/